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  1. suguru

    suguru New Member

    I am a long time poster here and have accounts with a number of Hosting Providers,
    I have created a new account to post this as i fear that my sites and data maybe cut off
    Recently I have had some issues with letshost and there 100% uptime garantee as they say on their site.
    Whenever I ring or email they always fob me off with some bull about upstream providers or saying my dns is wrong and ring eircom.

    I recently was talking to one of their staff who i accidently met in galway over a few pints and he hinted to they having a major issue recently with one of there data servers and one of the owners sites was hacked - fitnessireland

    I didnt believe this guy worked for them but a quick look on twitter and I seen the following on twitter :


    "Apologies to anyone who got a spam message from Fitness Ireland. Seems our account was compromised. The account has now been secured"

    fitness ireland is owned by the same guy who owns letshost.
    This makes me think that letshost are a sideline to another company and I will soon be moving all my stuff from them
    this is just a warning to anybody else thinking of going with these jokers
    I was warned about them before but enough is enough.
  2. Letshost

    Letshost New Member

    Our uptime reports are monitored by a 3rd party company and refer to a section of our hosting network. It is possible your account is not there but we have not had issues recently as you assume and accuse us of having.

    Where is the value in that for us? Are you willing to private message some ticket references with issues or an account info to verify these claims? Our technical support dept is the largest in our company so as to provide comprehensive service. Fobbing people off is not what we do.

    1. Fitnessireland.ie is owned by another LTD company

    2. LetsHost do not comment on security issues of dedicated clients but the FI owners have confirmed they have not been hacked.

    3. The 'hack' you refer to was the same hack which effect a number of people including the CEO of the Irish Internet Association (does this mean the IAA website is hacked also?? ) Twitter and Twitter

    4. LetsHost is a single entity and has no ties to any other LTD entity. Please correct your incorrect, non factual statements.

    LetsHost is a single entity and has no ties to any other LTD entity only 1 common director. We are not a sideline to any other business. We are bound to the business of our paying customers and no one else. Again, I would ask you to PM us your account info to verify you are an actual customer rather and not another anonymous poster on this forum who goes out of their way to blacken our name for the sake of it.

    Such non factual and unfounded comments should not be allowed to continue in public. If you had such serious concerns, calling the company in question to speak to management would be a better use of your time than posting false information in the public domain.

    Is mise,

    Daragh MacLoughlin (Director)
  3. random

    random New Member

  4. Forbairt

    Forbairt Portfolio Building

    This is why I hate hosting related threads in Ireland the country is just too small :(

    I'm going to have to lock the thread. The Fitness Ireland tweet mentioned in the first post has been deleted could have sworn I'd seen it this morning?

    Daragh you're coming off a bit agressive in your response and I can understand based on another thread why the original poster wouldn't want to give details. Unfortunately I can't see this going anywhere useful :(

    I really do understand why Boards.ie banned hosting talk. I'm not able to be impartial here obviously as I'm doing work for another hosting company. So I'm just going to lock it.

    If you get the issues resolved please feel free to post a new thread :)

    Edit: And I see the thread deteriorating now into 1 post users *sighs*
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