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Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by swordsinfo, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. swordsinfo

    swordsinfo New Member

    Hi guys looking for some seo info. Working on a new site however I am unsure if the site is being penalized with google for the name "Private Jet Charter" (the name of the company) when the back links and link juice is "Private jet charter" also - any views I would love to hear from you as always. Site got massively hit with panda and penguin - I think this was due to the link strategy of their old seo company

    Comments good and bad are always welcome.
  2. OmniWebSeo

    OmniWebSeo New Member

    Is you domain an EMD? If it is, google will penalize it for over optimization if you have your keyword "Private Jet Charter" in your url, title and meta description
  3. swordsinfo

    swordsinfo New Member

    I had to Google emd!! (exact match domain no dashes) Yes it is. This is my prob url is so title is private jet charter in Dubai, and meta is Dubai private jet charter service. There is also a page on thr site called private-jet-charter. Am I'm better off just removing the full term from the meta tags and use variants?

    Also for title I would generally use the setup "page topic title ¦ private jet charter" is this structure ok?

    As always input is always appreciated and thanks for your help

  4. OmniWebSeo

    OmniWebSeo New Member

    Ok so is your domain? Just be careful not to over optimize your site and yes keep using variants of your keyword.
    e.g. private jet in dubai, jet charter dubai, private jet companies in dubai.

    For page topic I use "Page Topic Title - Brand Name of Company"

    The websites that get penalized from Google's algorithm updates used the same keywords in their:
    Title, description, and keyword tags
    Every image alt tag
    Every h1, h2, h3 tag
    Over 4% of the pages density
  5. swordsinfo

    swordsinfo New Member

    I have been running some tests on the "hook pages" although I know I need to do them all. As always many thanks for your feedback. |Hopefully I have been applying SEO to the highest standard. I just launched emr feedbackpty leg section on the site today and have seo'ed the section well so hoping to see some good traction. Thanks again for you
  6. jackkarter

    jackkarter New Member

    Hi, there is nothing wrong with having your name in URL, Title and description. In fact it's vital you have them there.

    What makes you think the site was hit by Panda? From what I gather, it seems like Penguin might be the issue. Before you take any action, you need to nail down what it was. Has the site been hacked? If you have access to the Google analytics page, find out when it was hit and compare this to any algorithm updates. Try here first. Google Algorithm Change History - Moz for a list of the updates and then overlay this Chrome extension onto your your Google analytics page. This will help you nail it down.

    I'm guessing without the URL of the website but it sounds like the anchor texts of the inbound links were using "Private Jet Charter" too often (apart from naked URL's). What you need to do is gather a list of all the inbound links including ones that are NOT indexed. Use Ahrefs, SEO Moz, Majestic SEO to get a full picture. If "Private Jet Charter" is any more than 1% of your anchor texts, you need to dilute them. Do this by indexing the ones that don't have it or create new ones WITHOUT "Private Jet Charter" or ANY variation of it. (Naked URL's are fine). You can reduce the density by ensuring any new anchor texts have a minimum of 7 words. Once you have your new links (enough to dliute the over optimised ones) get them indexed. Use inspyder backlink monitor to keep an eye on the indexing rate. Rinse and repeat until you get it down to a resonable level.
  7. swordsinfo

    swordsinfo New Member

    Hay thanks for your reply, I used the barracuda penguin tool to check it vs my analytics (great little tool) can you explain more about dilution, how can I change links that have already been set or do you mean going forward dilute what I can. And what do you mean by naked urls is that a full url anchor? The domain is so you can take a peak and fill me in on anything you think I can improve upon. Again as always thanks for support and help.

  8. swordsinfo

    swordsinfo New Member

    Also you mentioned

    1% of your anchor texts, you need to dilute them. Do this by indexing the ones that don't have it or create new ones WITHOUT "Private Jet Charter"

    How do I index the ones that you say are SEO friendly URLs. As far as I remember it was quite high

    The domain in q is incase you can shed light on issue.

    I have issued a disaov from Google but I'm not sure if this was applied? As I think they were scamps runnlng SEO previously I think it might be job in.itself to clean their efforts up
  9. jackkarter

    jackkarter New Member

    Hi, there is really no point in speculating why the site was penalised. You need to be quite sure why it was, before you take any action. What were the rankings historically? How much have they dropped? If you use the tools I mentioned above it should nail it down. Once thats done, you can take action. If you come back to me with the info, I'd be happy to help you out but until then you are just shooting in the dark. It's a bit concerning that it's lost 50k backlinks in the last five years and while that in itself isn't a problem, it suggests the links were of a low quality which might be an issue.
  10. swordsinfo

    swordsinfo New Member

    Site was effected in March 2012 by both panda and penguin. Referral linkage dropped quite heavily around then. Agreed I don't think they were high quality as prob was the normal for SEO techniques. But the impact of losing them was pretty high. You mentioned about indexing the referral links to dilute out to lesser ranked, how do I do this-is it through gwt??

    I have setup a blog site and hope this will bring in some traffic once we establish the platform. If you can think of anything else I'm listening. I heard .gov and .edu sites have good pr and linkage juice so looking for relevant sites in industry to build referrals from.
  11. jackkarter

    jackkarter New Member

    The anchor text density for "Private Jet Charter" is at 2.4% which is higher than I would like it, but not enough for a penalty of the magnitude you mentioned. Link velocity is important and it looks like they dried up around the middle of Feb which could account for the drop in March.

    The domain itself ranks #4 on and the combined factors of low quality links and domains holding them disappearing rapidly it looks like no penalty was imposed and it's a natural readjustment.
    With regard to .gov and .edu domain extensions, Google does not treat them any differently to any other domain extensions and unless they are in the same niche as yours, don't treat them any differently.

    The onsite SEO while not awful, is pretty slap dash with fundamental errors and there is a lot of room for improvement.

    A blog is a good idea provided it's done correctly and never just for "content" otherwise it could have the opposite effect and damage your brand. For the blog to be seen as a genuine authority on the subject of Private Jet Hire, the content needs to be written by people who really know their stuff otherwise it just becomes noise and there is enough of that online.

    I'm not sure what your ongoing role is with regard to the website but if you need any more help, let me know.
  12. swordsinfo

    swordsinfo New Member

    Thanks again for the feedback - the onsite seo is a job in process - we are working on the main pages init ally hence why I wass asking about the link juice with service vs domain name. Ill have a look at the anchor density too . It could have been that the link building dropped off around this time as the seo guys prob got hammered with the re-eval of the site with the release of the panda and penguin - I think the drop off in referral linkage was approx 3/4 of the total traffic so the drop hit them hard. For onsite tips I'm listening - working on page title - quality content - friendly urls and inter site linkage. If you can recommend any steps or shouldnt do's please let me know. Much appreciate the information thus far.

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