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Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by mneylon, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    I didn't see anything about language targetting. All I've seen so far is market targetting

    The questions they ask about the adspace are terribly confusing and badly worded
  2. EoinK

    EoinK New Member

    YouBookIn Affiliates Program

    YouBookIn, the Limerick based online appointments company, have an affiliates/reseller program. This would be of particular interest to anyone who sets up websites for beauticians, therapists, dentists or any client who makes appointments with the public.

    Details can be found at You Book In | book, move or cancel appointments online
  3. s.m.u.r.f

    s.m.u.r.f New Member

    Doggie Style Mobile Washing & Grooming

    Just to let you know that Doggie Style Mobile Dog Grooming & Washing (Ireland) offer an affiliate program called 'Web Friends'. It's aimed at Irish Pet/Animal related websites but anybody who thinks their visitors might have dogs might be interested.
  4. New Member

    I spoke with Trade Doubler in recent weeks.

    They have just opened an Irish Office in Suffolk St with a view to further developing Affiliate Advertising in Ireland.

    Kind regards,

  5. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    They're on here already :)
  6. New Member

  7. happy09

    happy09 New Member

    This link is broken....
  8. Donagh

    Donagh New Member

    We've just started our Affillate Program over here on our business social network, Loopthing. We are based in Cork :) but are targeting an international audience. It's a site aimed at connecting businesses with individuals on a social platform.

    At the moment we are looking for affiiliates to join our program. We are using both a recurring and one-time commission revenue model for sales made through a variety of applications that are going to be integrated in Loopthing in the near future. Right now we are also offering a €30 joining bonus to all our new affiliates. Commision rates start at 20%

    Affiliate page - Affiliate program - Loopthing

    Affilialte blog announcement - The Loopthing Blog Launch: Announcing the new Loopthing Affiliate Program!

    If you would like to chat in relation to the affilate program I'm more than happy to answer any questions.

  9. websitedesign

    websitedesign New Member

    Search Irish companies that have products inline with your website and contact them directly.

    You'll make more commissions and have one less person taking your profits!
  10. eclarke

    eclarke New Member

    TradeDoubler Ireland have 40 affiliate programmes to choose from. You can also request to be set up as UK cross border affiliate. Publishers can gain access to over 300 UK affiliate programmes, many of which deliver to Ireland.

    Visit TradeDoubler to register. It's free and should only take a couple of minutes.

    Best regards,

    Eoin Clarke
    Publisher Sales Manager
    TradeDoubler Ireland

    Publisher Support
  11. d2daffiliates

    d2daffiliates New Member

    D2D Furniture seek affiliates

    We are actively looking for Irish affiliates for our website d2dfurniture(dot)ie. Affiliate terms are flexible and we are setup and ready to take on new affiliates now. Please contact simon(at)d2dfurniture(dot)com
  12. dapo

    dapo New Member

    Havent read the blogpost in the link but that effectiveness of the entire thing question got me thinking...wouldnt it be better to just join UK affiliate programs/networks exchange rate-wise?

    I mean, assuming everything's done right on payment processing fees/delivery fees etc. if u earn in pounds and pay in euros would an irish affiliate not be better off with a UK affiliate program/network in the long run?
  13. eclarke

    eclarke New Member

    Hi there,

    Do you have a EURO site?
    Can you deliver to ROI?

    I'd like to hear more about your site and your objectives.

    Can you email the link below.


    Eoin Clarke
    Head of Sales
    TradeDoubler Ireland
  14. briant

    briant New Member

    A good site I work with is offering an affiliate program .It is called makemoneycurrencytrading dot co dot uk They have an Irish and UK partner. You will deal with the Irish side. Doesn’t really matter though as traffic can come from anywhere in the world and everything is done online.

    They offer free training and webinars to people wishing to learn how to trade Forex. They send free daily reports every day. They teach people how to trade their strategy for free so that people are able to trade each day with just 15 minutes in the evening every day. They also run a live portfolio based on their strategy so people can actually see if it working. Most companies wont put there reputation on the line.

    They give a 7 day free trial of their software based on their strategy which they licence encrypted to people. If people want to continue with the free trial they pay monthly £97 via paypal which can be cancelled at any time. Affiliates get 20% of this monthly income.

    Its a very honest model with a gentle sell. It has a very high sign up rate once people sign up for the free daily email as they can see the portfolio making money. They have a 3 min video explain what they do on the site.If you register your email there you will get a daily email explaining everything.
  15. pginvestment

    pginvestment New Member

    Irish affiliate offer an irish affiliate. they call it Referral and offer 15% on sales. the affiliate is launching at the end of june 2010
  16. pginvestment

    pginvestment New Member

    new Irish affiliate being launced in the next few weeks by The Excel Club. they call it a referral program.
  17. seanface

    seanface New Member

    Schuh operate a seperate Irish program through Affiliate Window.

    Our Irish site is and is priced in € and our feed reflects this

    6% commission for regular price, 5% for sale price
    30 day cookie
    A full set of creative
    A datafeed with over 2,800 products which is regularly updated
    Regular newsletters and programme information to keep you up to date

    Full details here: Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Window – Affiliate Network
  18. avviodavid

    avviodavid New Member

    Avvio WebAds programme

    Hi All,

    We have a hotel specific Affiliate Programme at Avvio. The aim is to bring direct business to our hotel partners. We have approx 200 Irish Hotels on the network and have started to grow our inventory outside of Ireland.

    Commissions range from 5% - 10%.

    There are a number of ways to integrate.

    Let me know if anyone would like more information
  19. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    Where can people signup?
  20. avviodavid

    avviodavid New Member

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