LIST of Irish Web Hosters and Control Panels they use

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Irish Webhosters and Control Panels

Until recently I thought hosters just used their own hosting systems or adapted software accordingly
(it so happened that different hosts I had been involved with had used different systems)

Hosting is however actually based around relatively few Control Panels,
and few hosters do their own.

So what are Control Panels and do they matter to users?
Control panels define most of what you can and can't see and do with your hosted site,
in relation to webhosting features offered.
Yet most people simply go by webspace and traffic stats
It's a bit like buying a car on speed and fuel economy criteria alone
- without getting inside it and using the instruments.
And instruments, and layouts, arguably vary more with webhosting than cars....

Different users will of course have different priorities.
But even running a blog, users might like to know about say visitor statistics and how they are presented (AWstats, Modlogan, Webalizer etc).

Personally as said in previous posts I value online editing
and the ability to upload files to storage without being online on the web.

Online editing of sites (including with the source code in simple text editors)
will in my view be increasingly valued,
as access is increasingly done through mobile and other computers without the editing facilities of personal PCs, and is in any case simpler with regard to fixing scripting and other issues quickly,
with editing on a site copy that can in turn be copied to be the new live page.

Also good in my view is if photos, documents etc can be stored in a simple backup way,
without being online on the web (whatever about roundabout coding to exclude online viewing possibility),
again valuable with mobile device cameras, emailing, document writing backup.

Below are most major and not so major Irish companies, particularly those who specialize in hosting
(rather than being telcos, webdesigners etc)

Simple websearch will allow users to look at demos of the below listed panels
Unfortunately (and understandably) such view-only demos dont give the actual usage story,
but is a good start.
Most web hosters will allow a 30 day free trial, so users can try the different panels properly.
cPanel and the Parallels panels dominate among Irish hosters
(other control panels exist in the world as can be seen online, but are rare here)
cPanel and H-Sphere are the most comprehensive panels for users in terms of facilities offered.

As to features I personally like,
cPanel has the most flexible online editing,
but the file management system in H-Sphere is better (showing modification dates and with easier permission setting etc)
Plesk is next in usefulness, from the Parallels panels I have used.
Most panels will allow the top-level off-web storage described
(Parallels Enterprise has neither an online source code editor, or an off-web storage facility).

CPanel (for Linux, Enkompass = cpanel for Windows),,,,,,,,,,

Parallels H-sphere,, Hosting365 legacy hosting (

Parallels Plesk,,,,

Parallels Enterprise, Pro,

Parallels Helm

Own systems,, Register365 /Namesco (new hosting at


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IrishDomains don't use Plesk.
They're using the same system as we are

To say that Cpanel is "the most comprehensive" is inaccurate. Cpanel ONLY works for Linux.

H-Sphere isn't really being developed anymore as Parallels are now pushing their Enterprise product.
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