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Discussion in 'Social Media Marketing' started by riches, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. riches

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    Hi I have a query Im looking for a Social Media Engagement Comparison tool free lets say I wanted to track my engagement over all my network platforms but I also wanted to track my competitors engagements as well is there a general tool that will allow me to just enter the URL of any site and give me that information???? Really need to find this Im stuck any help greatly appriciated
  2. Kieran

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  3. riches

    riches New Member

    Thanks Kieran Im trying to minimize my time trying to analyze site to maximize my potential working time but what can you do? Thanks for the info I will check it out.
  4. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    There's quite a few tools out there that will give you access to metrics, but most of them are quite limited in what they can glean from competitors from what I've seen. Twitter metrics are usually a bit more transparent than Facebook's
  5. mneylon

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  6. FBDragon

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    I think engagement is a bit of illusion really. And I wouldn't look for a way to measure it in figures through some software. Still, you must be aware of things like

    - whether your brand cover all important conversations
    - how do people react: whether they talk to you, being nice or disappointed, do they advocate your brand
    - whether your competitors are in this important discussions as well.

    With that in mind I believe what you need is great social media listening software like buzz bundle BuzzBundle: the smartest of the social media management tools rather than some illusive engagement meter.
  7. riches

    riches New Member

    Thanks black night I appriciate it
  8. riches

    riches New Member

    Thanks FBdragon
  9. nauert

    nauert New Member

    You might be able to do something like that using iframes? I'd have to work out the specifics of such a page, but I'm sure it's possible. A lot of people may find interest in a tool that did that? I'm with FB Dragon though, "I wouldn't look for a way to measure engagement in figures through some software". I'm going to check out that BuzzBundle thing. I've never heard of it.
  10. habibur

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  11. robertwalker

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    It really is important nowadays to measure social networking site's effectiveness, profitability and strength. Prior to that, I think sproutsocial is a good choice, since it has a collaborative environment and engaging features. I know they're giving a 30-day free trial though after you need to pay for its service.
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  12. Darylle

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    I used to Tweetdeck for serious twitter sessions. I find it to be especially valuable and hassle-free for updating Twitter, Facebook, and LInkedin simultaneously.

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