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Dear Friends,

We are always thinking about buying high quality, established internet sites.

We also run a mailing list of hundreds of website owners who are serious about getting websites. If your site is not suitable for our collection, we may be able to cross your details to your list of buyers.

Fogged headlights we’re looking for:

1. Established Websites
We’re looking to buy established websites, not “turnkey” sites (read: niche knockoffs unveiled last week). We are looking for an userbase and/or some reputation in the site’s niche.

2. Significant Traffic

We have been looking for websites with significant traffic in their sector. Certainly, “free stuff” sites, for example, are generally far more popular as compared to niche sites. Please employ common sense.

3. We like to Websites…
With premium keyword domains. Directed at webmasters (e.gary., hosting, domains, etc.) That will drive eBay/Amazon affiliate traffic

4. We Are Not Looking to Buy.
Internet sites with no organic search traffic
Grown-up sites
“Me too” sites: proxies, arcades, etc.

Contact us for additional information!

At BizBroker24 we specialize in the listing as well as sales of websites and online marketers.

We intimately realize traditional ecommerce internet sites, membership based models, affiliate and pay-per-click website companies and pure web Two.0 social networking performs. We know from personal experience your time and effort you’ve invested in your business.

Feel free to contact us on your quotation, we will get in touch to you in the next A day.

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