Looking to promote local musicians, any insider tips?

Discussion in 'Online Marketing Discussion' started by Anderson1, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. Anderson1

    Anderson1 New Member

    Hey all, I've done a lot of different promotions in the past, but I've never really marketed local musicians before, so I'm looking to outsource some ideas and see if anyone has any tips from experience with bands?

    I have a few ways I'll always promote, but marketing this type of "product" will take a certain finesse and know-how. Let me know if you have any experience or ideas, any help is appreciated!

    I've been looking around and brainstorming ideas, and came across a nice little outline for marketing music online, which was pretty cool, but I'll need to build onto ideas like that to really help these musicians out.

    I'll keep looking…
  2. robertwalker

    robertwalker New Member

    Set up a local citation on top business listing sites this will give a better local visibility within a specific area. There are huge lists to choose from, it will help you target local online customers. Also, it allows businesses to promote their services, products and other offers.

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