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The Layered Navigation plays a huge role in Magento store because it satisfies the customers’ needs. We suggest to consider how to create the navigation in Magento and also the advantages of the Magento Advanced Navigation use.
Every site engaged in trade or every site represents any product should provide a customer with everything in order to make him understand several things:
1. Where he is at the moment;
2. What region is served by this site;
3. The working time of the resource;
4. Payment and shipping realization;
5. How to find a necessary product.
It seems that there are not any problems with the items, but the last one often becomes a stumbling block of many customers. Of course, one person of 100 ones will use a standard search for a desired product, but most likely, he will not get the desired result (if only he has not entered the accurate product type, its brand/code/SKU and so on). Otherwise, a person will not find the necessary result and abandon our Magento store in order to check the store of your competitors. What is the simplest and the fastest way to solve the navigation problem?
Magento eCommerce platform is rather a difficult tool for the business management, but one of the most effective ones. Magento configuration is not a difficult thing, if you have at least a base knowledge of a developer and can write a necessary code in the editor. Accordingly, we can come to a conclusion that the navigation can be written manually or improve with the Advanced Navigation extension by GoMage.
The extension advantages
GoMage Advanced Navigation is an excellent extension to create a navigation, increase your traffic and sales. Moreover, your Magento sites is indexed faster by Search Engines and rated highly if you use the procedure of simplifying a product search.
The advantages of the ready written extension are obvious in comparison with the development of the own code:
1. The main advantage of the extension is that it can adapt to any mobile devices;
2. The standard Magento filter can be set up only in the left sidebar, but GoMage extension can be placed both in the content of the store and also in the left/right sidebar;
3. One of the significant extension advantages is that it doesn’t provide search robots with extra ping-signals and it improves Magento store optimization and raise the store ratings;
4. The flexibility of the settings. There is an ability to set up the filters for prices, colors and other attributes in the standard Magento Navigation. But for example, the color filters separation is more understandable intuitively (if you want to choose a color name in the standard menu, you can see all the product hues using GoMage extension);
5. If you have found what you want and you have decided to clear the search results, you can return back all the filters to a starting position by clicking on the button called “Clear All”;
6. GoMage Advanced Navigation saves a visitor’s time. While choosing any filter you are redirected automatically to a desired group of the products and you don’t need to click “Next”/”More info”/”Search” buttons. It is very convenient if customers have a limited traffic or visit your Magento store using mobile devices;
7. Ajax technology helps to save a customer’s time and traffic because the page is not reloaded again while choosing a certain filter, but there is an automatic redirect.

If you want to purchase Magento Advanced Navigation extension, please contact GoMage company.
If you have any additional questions, you can ask our developers on our GoMage forum or leave your comments in the article. Our specialists will answer you as soon as possible.
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