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Discussion in 'E-Commerce' started by Fintan, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. Fintan

    Fintan New Member

    I'm looking at magento and it seems like a decent system out of the box.

    However, I'm curious as to what plugins people have used and would recommend?
  2. kermie

    kermie New Member

    You shall consider OXID eShop as a proper alternative.
  3. Fintan

    Fintan New Member

  4. kermie

    kermie New Member

    This might be illuminative although I think most guys did not even give it a trial ;)

    [edit]: I am not allowed posting links yet. Google for "active codeline magento alternative oxid". 1st result.

    Besides I think most american projects suffer from not knowing legal circumstances in the EU...
  5. Wild Thing

    Wild Thing New Member

    Must admit had a look at the front end of a lingerie store using it and it looked good (nothing to do with the lingerie though) would like to get a look at the back end and how easy it is to template
  6. neweb

    neweb New Member

    I thought you have to sell your granny just to use Magento.
    Very pricy once you get the version of any use!

    Could never get Magento to install on 4 different servers I use so gave up on it.
  7. Fintan

    Fintan New Member

    I've been playing with the free version, had it live in 5 minutes, was as easy to install as wordpress.
  8. conormcq

    conormcq New Member

    I highly recommend the fooman speedster and fooman analytics to start. The site i'm working on at the moment also has the Magento blog and Realex payments plugins and i've had no problems with either so far
  9. websitedesign

    websitedesign New Member

    Standard install comes with all the basics...

    Getting help or integration support is a pain with Magento...
  10. Fintan

    Fintan New Member

    Both great plugins in thanks.

    Another one I found useful was "Dull_Addressfields" it allows you to edit the customer reg form and get rid of all the US based fields which are not necessary in Ireland. Actually I take that back, it doesnt fix the dreaded Zip/Post code as a required field.
  11. OfficeSpot

    OfficeSpot New Member

    Realex Payments is a must, support by cork based developer "studioforty9". I'd also look at some extensions like easycategory, supermeu, and some of the admin modules like enhanced product grid. All helpful from a customer and admin perspective. The only extension I came across that improves the quick search and make search result more relevant to the customers query is FactFind, you can download it and test it locally to see the improvements, but i think it's a commercial extension for magento.
  12. Amasty

    Amasty New Member

    There are a number of good extension for you to check out:

    For super menu and great navigation - layered navigation extension

    For category pages - Advanced Categories Menu

    For nice landing pages - Magento Landing Pages - Magento SEO, meta title extension

    For advanced product grid management - Magento Extended Product Grid
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