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Anyone else having problems with register 365 mail today.

I have had two clients call me saying they cannot receive mail all day today.
Called and they want me to put in a support request. I have done this but thats not helping my clients much as they are without important mail.

Only have a handful of clients left with them but there just as important to me as all my clients.


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Thanks Michele,

Makes for some very interesting reading.

Got an email back telling me they have resolved my problem on two domains, won't know until I check them tomorrow.
#4 mail

Yesterday our company mail was delayed between 90 minutes and 2 hours. Today it is delayed by 60-90 mins. I called register 365 support and was told that they were aware of a problem and had engineers dealing with it. When I asked what the problem was, I was told that it was due to a backlog at the spam filters.

I then asked for an ETA of normal service and was told that they couldn't provide one. As this is our companies primary email system I asked to speak to a manager and escalate the problem, as this was now costing us money. I was told that they couldn't provide details of any managers and wouldn't put me through to one as they were all busy. They said they would call me back when they became free. Personally I don't believe this!

The customer service guy Adam was very pleasant but was obviously told what to say. I will now be looking to move our mail systems away from Register 365 as they obviously do not have any idea of how vital email is to small companies. Customer service is something they read about but obviously not practice.

Gmail Business here we come...
I have noticed this over the past week.
I only have 2 more accounts on the hosting365 servers then I will be closing my package down for good.

The company has changed so much over the past year.... They have no interest in helping anyone on the old reseller packages. The company is not what it used to be.

Just to highlight a point you made about it costing your company money...... I think that might be blowing up the problem just a little. I have yet to see a company loose money because there email is down for a day or the emails are delayed by a few hours. Yes its a real pain as it can set you back a bit but to the point where a company is loosing money!!!!!!!!

If your email is that important then you should also have a backup Gmail or Hotmail account to get you through a trouble spot.
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