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Discussion in 'Online Marketing Discussion' started by alexpnn, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. alexpnn

    alexpnn New Member

    HI ,

    We are a taxi company Hummingbird Cars in London. We provide Airport Transfer service from all london airports.

    We have recently started our new business and we would like to expand our business. Can anyone suggest which is the best way of Marketing our business so that we can increase our business.

    Thank you

  2. seodublin

    seodublin New Member

    Ive never heard of your business as with most people in the world. So How will I find you? You need to look at the basics -

    1. who you want to reach,
    2. where are they
    3. how can you get your message to them.
    Search Engine optimisation is a solution that will in the long run be most cost effective. For immediate exposure Pay per click advertising would be a fast solution and can be setup relatively quick.
  3. MWick

    MWick New Member

    Handouts, panflets, local ads, word of mouth. Get a good site setup and put the address everywhere.
  4. websitedesign

    websitedesign New Member

    If you're getting traffic from Airports... lots of international travelers reserve such services on the internet before arriving.

    So you would need to hire someone for SEO and internet marketing. Or try it out yourself...
  5. Bjoern30

    Bjoern30 New Member

    Hire some good looking busty chicks with tight tshirts saying "RENT ME"
    who hang out on the airport with leaflets etc

    I know this would catch my attention (I am only human :D)
  6. Michaela

    Michaela New Member


    Yes you need to consider who you're target market are and what type of media they consume e.g. online, tv, print, mobile etc
  7. magentotech

    magentotech New Member

    agree on these...
    get to the basics..
    and inform people through all kinds of marketing, online or offline and should be geo-targeted
  8. koconnor

    koconnor New Member

    Hi Alex,
    What are you doing currently to help market your business?

    Some ideas to help get you on your way (offline)

    1. Pop into London hostels and organise a joint venture with the owner - offer transfers to the airports to the hostel customers. Do the same with B&Bs.

    2. Install one of those "free phones" that ring direct to your taxi co.

    3. Any customers you do get from the airport - ask them to fill in their details on your customer feedback form. Get their permission to be added to your database where "They will receive preferrential rates" next time they book in advance through your site. If they are corporate offer incentives to have them deal with you only.

    4. Offer more than just a taxi service - when they pre-book your services - when you know their destination (if they are holidaying) print out some information on local restaurants that have good reviews. Plenty of sites to give you that information I am sure.

    Plenty more ideas - see what others are doing out there in your industry.
  9. rockfieldllc

    rockfieldllc New Member

    You seem to have two choices 1. the actual travellers 2. their destination .
    It would seem to me it would be easier to concentrate on the destinations to start and develop some corporate accounts
  10. raul

    raul New Member

    Inflight magazine advertising would be your best start for the type of business you have IMHO
  11. Bjoern30

    Bjoern30 New Member

    good ideas - I lived in rainy ireland for more than a year and I have to agree that hostels are a good way to get customers - you could even offer tours (I have plans to do a guided tour the next time I visit ireland) and I would do so if I visit london or the uk in generell - sounds silly but I have huge problems with the traffic on the "wrong" site LOL
  12. Advertise on planes.

    Ryanair offers low cost advertising on the back of plane seats and on the overhead baggage compartments.
  13. charlton

    charlton New Member

    Well why don't you join companies like Orderacab or Kabbee? They'll just give you business because they do all the advertising for you
  14. robert45

    robert45 New Member

    If wanna to online marketing your site then SEO is best otherwise PPC. For getting good traffic by online both way is use full for any sites.

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