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Discussion in 'Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)' started by mneylon, Apr 18, 2011.

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    I signed up with MS Advertising and actually got a phone call from them to see did I need any help! One up for MS - do Google do phone calls? I suppose they have to go the extra yard.

    Mind you, the call was from the UK, nothing for the Irish yet - for a few months.
  3. mneylon

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    Google have called us in the past, but it was to seed if we were interested in advertising - which we already were doing
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    Great post, and nice of MS to share such valuable info. Particularly helpful is
    Gotta be up front and admit in the past I worked for MS Ireland for over 10 years and to be fair they genuinely work hard to get the customer comms bit right - though theres always room to improve of course.
    IMHO opinion I think its somewhat a case of the size of the beast simply makes certain tasks more difficult to achieve than others. But this is a welcome share both from you on this baord Blacknight, and of MS of course.
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    Also got a phonecall from MS. From an extremely annoying lady that wouldnt stop talking, even after telling her repeatedly that we dont need help. Did not like that at all. Apart from not digging AdCenter - speaking of crappy usability...

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