Mobile Purchase Behavior (Awareness)

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In the overview of this series we discussed at a very high level how a mobile marketing strategy can assist a consumer down the path to purchasing your product or service over your competitors. Here is a quick recap:

* Consumers are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to assist them in the consumer buying process.
* There are 6 stages in the consumer buying decision flow:

1. Awareness: The recognition of a need, this is really an analysis of maslow’s hierarchy of needs in combination with marketing efforts.
2. Consideration: The creation of an evoked set of alternatives. This is a mental short-list that the consumer creates based on internal and external influences.
3. Preference: Based on the criteria that is most important to the consumer he/she will narrow down the list to a preferred brand.
4. Purchase: This is where the consumer will actually buy a product or service
5. Loyalty: After the purchase the buyer will enter into stages of post-purchase evaluation where they will re-evaluate the purchase they just made and file the experience away (in their minds) for future reference

* A complete mobile marketing strategy can assist in every stage of flow because of the proximity to a mobile device for the consumer and the marketing efforts a brand undertakes.
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