Monetising: choose between a website or blog?

Discussion in 'Monetisation Tips & Tricks' started by Alerner, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. Alerner

    Alerner Member

    Hi all

    If you had the choice, which would you do; start a website or a blog, if your goal was to make money from it?

    The reason is that I'm currently making money off-line (about 100 euro per month) by recommending a service to individuals (in Ireland) and I'm getting paid for referring them. With a little more effort, I could increase that revenue by turning those offline conversations into either a website or blog - and I'm wondering whether people think I should start a blog about the topic - or create a more formal website - or somewhere in between?

    I have a website and blog for another affiliated business, so I think I can generate enough content for either. Bit I'm not technically gifted. I also have databases (built up in the other affiliated business) that I can use for e-mail etc and cross selling.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Interleado

    Interleado New Member

    I'd actually do both...

    Have a blog along side your website. More personal interaction with a steady reference for people to have a look at. The site would probably be able to make more money because of that fact. The blog will be the interaction part.
  3. Kieran

    Kieran Guest

    I would go with one or the other. IMHO maintaining both is just too much like work. I would create a website usinga CMS and have a forum part ot it and let people create the information themselves. You can moderate it and make sure that it stays on track.

    Do both if you want and have the time.... a blog does have that informal feel to it but if you want to make more money then I would go the CMS route.
  4. greenpixel

    greenpixel New Member

    Nah, you can do both, for example drupal (a cms) has built in blog module. You can build the website (with stories and articles) and blog around it, then let others to blog and post, forum later, take it step by step.
  5. Alerner

    Alerner Member

    how does the site make money?

    As the original poster, I should have mentioned how the site makes revenue.

    It would make money through generating leads, which would be fulfilled offline or online. The site would not use advertising revenue as its model.

    would that make a difference between the choice of website or blog?
  6. jen.bas

    jen.bas New Member

    This really is a matter of preference. Some people prefer to use WordPress, and others like to use HTML. We like to do a mixture of both. Heaven forbid that Google ever plays down on WordPress blogs, we still have our HTML sites, and vise versa. The trick is to not keep all your eggs in one basket.
  7. Dohko

    Dohko New Member

    I start a blog because google love blog, i think:rolleyes:
  8. writie

    writie New Member

    Has anyone else noticed a strong dip in Adsense revenue over the past few months or is it just me?
  9. MH-Dolly

    MH-Dolly New Member

    It is easy to start a blog or a site today ...are allot of cms sites with good documentation!
    the choice is yours!!!
  10. namit

    namit New Member

    I agree Google loves blogs even run my own site as a blog.
  11. Busarus

    Busarus New Member

    yeah a bit,. nov 2008 was down 33% on nov 2007
  12. josefzh

    josefzh New Member

    I would personally so both. Affiliate marketing is about testing and discovering which method proves more effective and more profitable. However, if you're busy a blog might take more of your time in terms of maintance. However if time was not an issue i would do both compare and then compare results and continue with the successful method
  13. link8r

    link8r New Member

    I'd do (have done) both.

    Yes Google loves blogs - but to a point. The nature of content for both tends to be different. Blogs tend to be (should be?) commentary to a degree. The home page tends to change reflecting recent posts. Website content tends to be more static, tends to have a different structure.

    Navigation for websites can be easier - content isn't arranged by labels or by time. For users, websites are still pretty easy to navigate - yes you can do this with a blog but blogs tend to be blogs and websites still tend to be websites.

    I dont think Blogs can be seen as a replacement for websites. Both blogs and websites respond to SEO and they both have their own purpose or roles depending on the job!
  14. alexlao

    alexlao New Member

    But Google loves better than other.

    My choise - website and blog together.
  15. mccomf

    mccomf New Member


    My opinion is that it doesnt matter if you have a blog or website as long as you keep fresh and unique content and do good SEO job.
  16. Alerner

    Alerner Member

    Follow up to my initial post

    Just for anyone interested, I went for a mix of a website and blog - and made first affiliate commission today after 5 months.
  17. markkh

    markkh New Member

    I'd say do both. Firstly I'd do your website as a product site with tonnes of info and end user benefits about the product. You could include an ecommerce if that works but definitely have a form to collect registration details. Then secondly I'd have a blog to drive traffic to the product site, you can use the blog to show off your expertise or experience in the market by providing news and information about the said market.
  18. Niche

    Niche New Member


    Not sure why you are not considering starting a website AND a blog. It's what a lot of us do and works well for backlinks and traffic
  19. websitedesign

    websitedesign New Member

    If it was a basic content site then would go with a blog such as wordpress

    Products to sell then would use Magento

    For community sites - Joomla

    ...all depends on the customer and what they are looking for
  20. Gossip Junkie

    Gossip Junkie New Member

    as for me, I would choose blog, as it is I am using right now to earn money online. With just a couple of posts and time to go around to market my blog, I am earning some decent money from it.

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