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Hi All,

I am new to e-commerce but know I need to get an SSL Certificate to encrypt users data but just wondering what the best one is. I seen an advertisment for a godaddy one that is

"Up to 256-bit encryption from $19.95 USD per year"

Which is great but just wondering why Blacknight are looking for

"Prices for a standard 256 bit SSL certificate start at €89.99 / year ex-VAT"

I am confused with the price difference. I would feel safer with Blacknight as they are my host provider but also do not want to pay over the odds for the same thing, what do you think? All help appreciated and any other options welcomed.

Oh I am on shared hosting and building a Magento store and use as the payment gateway.

With Regards

Blacknight do the following that gives you a fixed IP when using shared hosting

"Customers on our Shared Hosting Plans pay a one-time setup fee of €25.00 which includes an exclusive fixed IP address"

So I hope that gets around the dedicated IP as you rightly pointed out but can you use the cheaper SSL. I am going to answer my own question here and say that I should just speak to Blacknight but I would say it is likely that they will say that it is better to use theirs.


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