Moving host - dedicated or cloud!

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We're considering moving our hosting environment.
We've an Enterprise VPS with Blacknight, which was working out well for us.
But I think we've too many sites on it - 63 in total, mix of cms sites and ecommerce.

It has slowed way down - no fault of Blacknights, I have to say that we're very happy with Blacknights support. It's unmanaged and hosting management just is not our thing - we'd rather get on with developing websites.

So I've looked around at dedicated managed solutions, but they are very hard on the pocket - with the cheaper solutions coming in around the €3000 mark per year.
It's becoming increasingly difficult for us to get the yearly hosting fees from our clients, so going the dedicated route is risky for us.

Then I came across Dediserve Cloud Hosting | Hosted Application Provider on Tuesday.

Got another call from UK Fast this morning still trying to sell us their dedicated offer, and the sales guy advised against cloud hosting - "constantly goes down" as he put it.

Everybodies advise would be greatly appreciated.
Tomás - from Web Design & Development, Website Design & e-Commerce Systems, Cavan, Ireland


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Why don't you just get a second VPS?

Or get an entry level server.. if your clients aren't paying you for hosting then cut them off :)
Yes - cutting them off would be one solution - only thing is some of the clients we need to cut off have good looking websites that we want to show on our portfolio.

Another VPS is not the solution for us. We need something that is managed and has daily backups. We spent too much time tweaking and learning about hosting settings on our current VPS and we'd rather hand this stuff over to the experts.
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