Mp3 music download business on company website: where to start?

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I would like to start MP3 downloads business on my personal website. My plan is to sell various MP3 and albums - depends on what user wants and advertise new trends. I need it for radio station which is showing whats playing at the moment and at the same time would like to give user a chance to buy the song which is playing.
As we:
a) dont want to host any mp3 on our server
b) and to provide commercial service where user buys mp3
c) need big database of albums and artists

what first steps should be?

a) Are there any MP3 resellers?
b) Who should i contact with regarding royalties
c) Who has database containing artist/albums information?

Biggest problem what we need quite big database as our radio plays various music. Next thing - who are selling mp3 and how to resell them?

Any advice or tip on this would very appreciated. Any link/e-book/video to share regarding this would be highly appreciated.

Have a good day
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