Multiple sites and how best to sell?

Discussion in 'E-Commerce' started by tom182, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. tom182

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    I am looking at the best/logical way to do this., i work with a manufacturer and for one of their products we have a product brochure website that is in 14 different languages and domains, (e.g., etc...)
    Each site was professionally translated but never really promoted or any seo work done.
    I am thinking of adding a 'buy now' button on each of the sites, however the manufacturer does not want to be the online seller (because this would probably upset their other distributors) so I am forced to bring the actual transaction/cart part off the original site (e.g., etc...) and into another site where they can buy it. This site can be a .com domain and handle all foreign sites feeding into it.
    Q1: what options/pitfalls are out there for multiple languages when using an ecomm suite?
    Q2: Is it necessary to have the cart part of site in local language, if in English will it turn potential buyers away?

    I might try paypal to test the water so-to-speak and see if the product actually sells

    any pointers would be much appreciated,
  2. mneylon

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    Q1 - you'd probably need multiple currencies and you'd also need to be careful with terms / conditions etc.,
    depending on the choice of shopping cart software however it might not be that hard ..
    Q2 - depends what you are selling and to whom
  3. Kieran

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    Won't the other sellers notice that he is still selling the product irrespective of where the transaction is taking place?

    But most modern shopping carts should support multiple currencies (Euro $ Sterling at least anyway or with a minor modification in the code be able to support it. I assume you have shipping sorted OK of course.

    In my opinion if the experience at that stage is localised then it might annoy a little especially if the attraction in the first place was having all the content in the local language.


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