My little internet business venture - feedback appreciated :)

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Hey guys,

I would appreciate your feedback on a new website I have started. The site is - many of you will already be familiar with the 'fiverr' concept - but if not have a read of this blog post:

[TD="class: alt2, bgcolor: #E1E4F2"] is a new website where people can buy and sell simple products and services online. It’s a new type of platform enabling people to make money from the things they can do, either online or locally; a place where people can browse a whole host of jobs being offered up for a small price. People have all sorts of skills that could earn them money, but until now there has been no real place to advertise their services – without charge – to a huge audience of people on the lookout for good deals. is here to help.

There are more than 400,000 people unemployed in Ireland right now. Many have specialised skills which they are no longer utilizing because they can’t find work in that field. They would be more than happy to help and advise other people for a relatively small fee – because who knows what that initial job might lead to down the road!

How often have you wanted something done, but didn’t possess the skills to do it yourself? You know it’s an easy job for someone who knows how – but where can you find that someone to help you at a price you can afford? Or what about that job you’ve been putting off for weeks? You’d happily pay them a small fee for their help, and they’d happy take the money! Here you can find someone to do it for you for a great price, and help them out by giving them the work! It’s a unique win-win situation. enables anyone to post up jobs for anything they can do, at multiple fixed price points of €5, €10, €15, €25, €50, €75 and €100. The people who are browsing the site can buy anything they like with just a few clicks. The service is fully integrated into Facebook & Twitter, and payment goes through PayPal so it’s completely secure.

Anyone can log on and make small amounts of money quickly and easily over and over again – and it’s totally free to join and post jobs. Sites such as this are hugely successful internationally – now Ireland has one of its own – but there is one key difference. Ireland being a small country we are not restricted to online activities. There’s an amazing amount of real world offline work that can be done, too! The possibilities are virtually endless. Just think, what could you do to make a few quid???[/TD]

I have only just done a soft launch, I have a bit more work and tweaking on the site before start properly promoting it - but you'll get the idea I'm sure.

Very interested to hear what you think – and any tips you may have for me starting out :)


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How do you plan on marketing it?

I assume you're taking a cut of each job, so how are you handling payments to the people who do the work?

What makes it different from the other sites out there that do the same thing? Google did a "soft" launch of their service about a week or two ago (can't remember the name of it offhand now of course .. ) Amazon has had a similar type service for several years.
Is this an off the shelf script? I have seen a few people launch similar after the success of Fiverr
Which brings us to the big question, why should I use this instead of or even the irish FIVERIRELAND.COM 5 Euro Gigs,Fiver Ireland. Micro Jobs Ireland, Earn A Fiver Ireland
If you have something good depends very much on your answer to this question.

From what I can see you will win or lose depending on the strength your marketing plan and how you execute.



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Thanks for the replies guys sorry for the late reply. Yes this is an off the shelf script, I'm not a programmer at all. I take a 10% commission, and all transactions are done through paypal - its all standard with these sites. I just saw the idea, really liked it and thought it might work in Ireland. Initially did some research as to getting a similar site developed but found that there are scripts that exist which run most of the many other micro payment sites. I picked the one that is used by most of the top 10 of these type of sites. I have done very little customisation but if the site takes off I have plenty of plans for improving it. I started my site a good bit before - and they only have €5 jobs while I have multiple price points. Mcconnors thanks I take your point, I have done some quality control and removed a lot of the spammy type jobs, mostly around getting you more traffic etc. I want to try to stay away from the usual social media and very techy stuff and hopefully this site can be full of all different types of jobs - I envisage it as the place where anyone can sell their skills no matter what they are. The more vast and diverse the better - more options for the visitors!

You're all absolutely right in the fact that the success of this site will depend on how it will be marketed - and that is what I'm trying to work out now and would love any tips or advice you can give me. I have loads of ideas but I'm just trying to work out what to do when etc. I have done little with the site recently as I have been busy with other stuff but I'm getting back into it now. I think I want to bring in a partner - someone who has experience in the web game who could really help me make this site a success (if anyone interested please get in touch). I can potentially put money behind this but don't want to pout it down the drain. Currently looking for way in which I can increase traffic - suggestions welcome. I can set up an affiliate system and potentially get others to send me traffic and share the profits of each sale with them.

I'd really appreciate any ideas or advice on what you guys would do if you were me :)
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