Name Servers confusion

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I'm currently in the process of moving my clients to my VPS package and taking them all off my hosting365 account.

I have one domain that I changed the name servers today at 10:00am.
At 6:00pm I checked the domain and while the iedr is showing the new dns records, its still looking at the old account.

This is how I do it.
I set up the account on the new server
I change the name servers (Before 4:00pm)
When the name servers have changed I then suspend the old account to make sure the domain is not pointing to the old server.
Once I see everything working I then delete the old account.

The problem is (with this account)
Its pointing to the new DNS settings but its showing up as suspended when I disable the account on the old Server.

Is this normal!!!! I have transfered quite a number of accounts and all have gone relatively smoothly. Just can't figure this one out.
edit your local hosts file to map the domain name to your vps ip. Type the address in the browser and you should see the site. If this is so, it looks like the ISP hasn't caught up yet as bk has suggested, if you still dont see the site, there could be another problem.

From experience with Apache, once you set up your virtual hosts in httpd.conf, you may also need to restart the Apache Daemon - that is of course if you're on Apache
I'm on a windows server and I don't know that much about the engine of it.
How do I edit the local host file to the VPS???

I just figured it was strange that it still has not picked up the changes.

All the other sites worked fine.
This client is using exchange so I had to edit the dns to point to there server but I have load's of clients set up like that and all moved no problem.

I'm hoping it sorts itself out. I want to close the old server before the start of next month when I will be billed for it.
Edited the local host (google is great)

Anyway it found the site and all seems well. Will check on a different system tomorrow just to be sure.

Thanks for the help.
Checked that account again this morning (and the others I have moved) and they all seem to be OK.

Only another 5-6 domains left to move. Its a real pain trying to get everyone over with out problems.
Once they are all on the new server I'm going to close the old one down.
Not open for further replies.
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