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My homework is to make a website,so i choose to make a website for my school.
I've downloaded a free template, all was goood except the main image, logo.
The real image was
I can't edit it so i make a new one ( but i am beginner and dont look good x( )
So my image was
I can't use because the site looks horrible with it so that's why i am asking for your help.

I think you know better how to make a school logo. If u are bored and wanna help me please make the logo with the text : Grup Scolar : Mihai Eminescu , in rest don't matter, please help !

Thanks for your time.


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Whats the final address of the site ?

And if its just a school assignment I wouldn't worry about it to much :) They will be looking for an understanding of web development.

You can always tell them things like with a budget I would get a proper logo created.


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We don't need an address for the site because we don't upload it, we got our own pc there and we must work there, u know...notepad :)
And i just wan't to be the "smart" guy who have something different from the others ;)

I need this text in the logo: Grup Scolar Mihai Eminescu . Thanks ! :p
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