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hi, i starting two projects soon ,A gaming website and A social network website but my main focus is the gaming one becuase i want to luanch it before the big game titles are released so attract more traffic so iam looking for people to help me design it and mantain it .i am new to web design and i am willing to learn on the way.i have web hosting sorted as my friend does web hosting but has to much on his hands to help me as he has to much work on his own website and other websites he is designing so is there any one out there that can help me ,thank you
hi i dunno really .i have a small budget so it will be low wages for a few months or offer them a share in my website and they will get a share of the website.
Hi Seany, I was involved with for a while (xbox fansite - not endorsed by microsoft!)

I'm a software developer, web developer, web designer.

I have some ideas from xbox ireland which can lead you down the road of getting free games for giveaways / reviews.

Sold my xbox a few years ago, all PS3 with me now.

Feel free to send me a pm to discuss your idea. Not interested in shares. Cash is king! I won't bite...hard...!
hi php.allstar, as i said i have a small budget like really small budget !! but i am willing to take the advice and how do you get these giveaways and how much do you think i should pay my staff and how many staff should i hire?
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