New EU directive on cookies for Irish Site - Any detail out there?

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Hi All,
I have been looking for some official info on what needs to be done for a site to be fully compliant with the new EU directive on cookies / privacy laws but can't seem to find anything official for Ireland.

Does anyone know even if the law is passed for here and what does it implies exactly?
Cracking slides Michele - the cat ones are great!

I thought that the EU doesn't care about cookies for analytics as long as they;re anonymous or single session (e.g. just for a shopping cart, destroyed afterwards)?


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You have to declare ALL cookies that you are using and why.
So, for example, session cookies would be classed as "key" for the site's functionality, while analytics wouldn't
Interesting that Google have point blankly ignored it. And that was their opinion when I lasted visited Barrow Street.

They are getting far too arrogant though - but look at Australia - they have no problem bringing them to task


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The UK implemented the legislation first, but they gave website owners a year to get up to speed. A lot of UK sites have done something, but a lot still haven't ..
Over here the studies would suggest that only a tiny percentage of Irish sites are compliant at any level
This doesn't really surprise me, as I see a very large number of sites that don't have any contact details, privacy policy or anything else ..
I think its a ludicrous law but hey....

Analytics is already outdated and useless IMHO. I'm building a session-based tracker for most of our projects - so they're be no cookie and less privacy. Great way to give 2 fingers to the fat cats!


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Paul - I can only send you to the slides and the SI
I'll try to do a more comprehensive blog post covering what is required, but the basics would be:
- company number
- VAT number
- address
- privacy policy
- cookie usage details
I notice Google haven't done anything about it - and they're sitting right under the nose of one the most vigilant Data guvs in the EU!

Analytics places cookies, so does Google search. And re-marketing. And they're more than just "for anonymous" tracking purposes!

The auto-opt in on AIB and other sites is frankly annoying and somewhat defeats the purpose
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