New Ipads - Will You Buy One?

Discussion in 'Desktop Computer Issues' started by mneylon, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    So will any of you be buying the new Apple Ipads?

    I've got a 1st generation WIFI model which I don't use that much, so I'm not going to be rushing out to get one yet ..
  2. link8r

    link8r New Member

    Will skip on it like the first gen.
  3. bober

    bober New Member

    i'm an apple fan but would defo pass on the ipad. > personally I think it's pointless!
  4. M@rc

    M@rc Member

    Luckily, I haven't purchased the first gen, because the second came out not too long ago, lol.

    I'm not going to buy one. I have a computer and a touch-screen callphone already, ;)

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