New irish price comparison site launches

Discussion in 'Site Reviews / Announcements' started by freetocompare, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. freetocompare

    freetocompare New Member

    we have just launched freetocompare and are new to .
    We would appreciate if you could check out freetocompare and let us know what you think!
    It is a new irish price comparison site just launched and any advice would be great!
    Thanks! freetocompare
  2. raul

    raul New Member

    Two words : LOVELY DONE !
  3. freetocompare

    freetocompare New Member

    Hi Raul,thanks for the positive comment,...very encouraging.
  4. Kieran

    Kieran Guest

    Nice site well done. Just when you leave out the www for the it pops you into the control panel login screen which is probably not what you want.
  5. nevf

    nevf New Member

    Yeah noticed that myself..
    Hyperlink the website: - The Independent Irish Price Comparison Website.<br>Save time, money and energy by using this site to compare products and services in Ireland.

    Well done! thats a fantastic site, extremely useful, and fills a void in the irish market....
  6. AAA

    AAA New Member

    Hi there, site looks nice and straight to the point - that's perfect!

    BUT (again this is only my O)

    When I went to DVD --> and then let's say I chose Children's

    I got 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... Next > >

    More than 10 pages brought together..

    For me that's a mess and I hate crawling in the mess, If I can't find something within 1 minute I am out of there, I noticed you have the Search button and thats nice. I just hate the idea that lots of things/items are not organized and the only way to find them is by typing in the search box..

    "What if somebody dont really remember the tittle of the movie but know only the first letter?"

    "What if somebody searched and nothing appeared in the results, while they just made a spelling mistake?" They would leave and would not get you any money.

    My Advice to that would be: create a Sort by filtering and nice place to start would be not to have the 10+ pages of selling items, but let's say to have an alphabet on top.

    And here the thing I didn't get, your website is for comparing, why did in the Shopping category I would always end in the amazon? How do you compare if you have only one choice? (amazon)

    And freetocompare ie / Shopping design looks almost the same as amazon.

    Well on top of your website it was mentioned beta, hope you are still working on it ;) Cheers

    BTW I am not a native English speaker and this was my understanding of your website =)
  7. zunderhill

    zunderhill New Member

    excellent site. Easy to navigate and fast response on the searches.

    do you intend to increase the category list? Car insurance for example?
  8. freetocompare

    freetocompare New Member

    Hi AAA,
    thanks for the positive comments.
    As the site develops we will be adding more companies to the shopping section and this will enable more comparison.
  9. freetocompare

    freetocompare New Member

    Hi Zunderhill,
    thanks for the positive feedback.
    Yes ,we do intend to increase the categories over time and we hope that this will include insurance as well.
  10. Sun

    Sun New Member

    Hi Freetocompare…

    Never realised there was so many different broadband suppliers in the country… don’t know if it is possible but as I’m in one of those areas that cant get, say Eircom. Is there any possibility that you could have an area or land line checker to see what providers can supply to that area?

    Just a thought
  11. Tube

    Tube New Member

    Nice looking site, but I'm not sure if I'm using it wrong...

    Clicking on Shopping seems to list items from Amazon and no-one else?
  12. freetocompare

    freetocompare New Member

    have taken this on board and will look at organising in the future.
  13. Sun

    Sun New Member

    Delighted to have added something you think is practical… let me know when its up and running.
    I need a decent broadband connection!! :rolleyes:
  14. StuartC

    StuartC New Member

    Nicely done, the only thing i dont like is the homepage advertising and the grey spacers on the results page table.
  15. learnpipe

    learnpipe New Member


    Well done. Love the site. Its slick, the colour scheme is bright - reminds me of (no bad thing).

    Are you pulling pricing / feature data from partner sites using api's / feeds? Or is the data manually added to your site?

    I am based just up the road from you. Didn't realise that Rochestwon was a hive of web innovation!

    Hope the site goes well for you. regards, John
  16. searchmasters

    searchmasters New Member

    SEO review

    What are the search phrases for the home page? The meta title should include those phrases within 70 characters, and not be a sentence. The meta description is for the sales pitch, not the page title.

    And meta titles's don't have <br>'s in them.

    The competition is pretty intense for the search phrases on your site, but its always worth a try....

    I picked a couple of url's to look at - the credit cards one does not have a meta title with 70 characters of credit card phrases, nor is there an opening paragraph including the search phrases.

    The search phrases need to be at the start of the meta title. Sometimes I don't even include the business name in the title, when I run out of characters after using them up on with search phrases.

    Mortgages? What about them? What is the search phrase? "find the cheapest mortgage"? Noone is looking for that!

    The google keyword tool set for exact match type, and your country ireland has the following which are possibles for you to try for:

    mortgages ireland 480
    mortgage ireland 320
    irish mortgage 260
    irish mortgage rates 170
    best mortgage rates 140
    mortgage rate comparison 22

    You should Google for the phrases, assess the competition (I use the SEO for Firefox tool), and consider where your website should be ranked based on the links you consider you will be able to get for the website.

    I would recommend trying for the last two phrases, the competition is fairly light for the phrases.

    Make sure that the meta description for the page is 155 characters of sales pitch that includes the search phrases - exact phrases not required

    And make sure that the opening paragraph has the exact search phrases mentioned in there, in properly constructed sentences.

    Apply the above for each page on your website.

    You have created a nice looking functional website, but there is no SEO there. Just a little extra effort and you could have the SEO starting to function. Then you need to work on inbound links, social marketing, offline marketing... SEO should be a foundation that you build the rest of your website marketing efforts on.
  17. freetocompare

    freetocompare New Member

    Hi StuartC,
    glad that you like the site and will re-look at advertising on home page over the coming months.
  18. freetocompare

    freetocompare New Member

    Hi SEO review,
    thank you for the very comprehensive review and feedback on and the advice on exactly what to do .
    It is very much appreciated.
    We will be working on the SEO over the coming weeks(I think that we are going to be kept busy!)and all going well will make a good improvement.
    Thanks for the complement on functionality of the site and would like to complement you on your own sites Auckland car rental,Car Hire New Zealand,Electronic Ciarette,Auckland Hotels

  19. freetocompare

    freetocompare New Member

    Hi learnpipe,
    thanks for the compliments!
    Doing a bit of both re;info on the site!
    Have checked out your own sites ,,etc and i am sure that they will be a very good resource for HR depts.
  20. mishakrunic

    mishakrunic New Member


    you may want to check Price2Spy - it's competitor price monitoring tool, made for online retailers who need to continously monitor their competitor's prices.

    Hope you find it useful
    Best regards

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