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Hi all,

I'm pleased to launch a new program to the Irish Platform – BigGreenSmile.

Why BigGreenSmile?

The BigGreenSmile affiliate program offers affiliates a competitive edge through one of the widest and competitive ranges of eco-friendly products available in the UK.

Our aim is to provide an informative and friendly environment in which to browse and purchase a wide range of products that make a positive contribution to the environment.

We believe passionately that the individual can make a difference and that small changes by one person can have a ripple-through effect on society at large. BigGreenSmile endeavours to aid that process by working closely with suppliers to ensure that our products are the most environmentally friendly of their type on the market and that we offer as wide a selection of products to our customers as possible.

Our shop includes products which put less strain on the environment by using less resource for the same effect as standard products; and also products which help to change mind sets.

We believe that changing behaviour is half the battle when trying to reduce the pressures that modern society puts on the environment. For that reason our shop includes a range of products and gift ideas that will help people of all ages think twice, or remind themselves that the resource they are using is precious.

We try to include as much information on the products as possible to allow you to make an informed choice.

Our products will all meet one or more of these criteria.

  • Products help aid water efficiency
  • Products help aid energy efficiency
  • Attempt to make people think twice and help change behaviour towards use of a resource
  • Products are locally sourced wherever possible
  • Wood products come from sustainable sources
  • Recycled materials are used wherever possible
You might also be interested to know that in an attempt to cut down on nasty lorry fumes by having fewer deliveries, we order as large quantities as we can from our suppliers. We can also promise you that none of our products are air-freighted or tested on animals.

The program offers:

  • 10% commission
  • 60 day cookie
  • Automated product feed
  • Access to best sellers information
  • Opportunities for exclusive affiliate promotions
  • Wide selection of regularly updated banners
  • Marketing copy as required
  • Big Green Smile is very price competitive against its competitors within the market sector and offers one of the widest product ranges
If you have any questions regarding this program, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

David Vince
Account Manager
Webgains Ltd.
Hi all,

I’m looking for some voucher code sites to promote the Big Green Smile program. They have integrated our voucher code tool which enables them to offer affiliates exclusive codes. Whenever your code is used, you are guaranteed the commission!

If this interests anyone, please email me on my contact details below.


David Vince

Account Manager
Webgains Ltd.
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