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Our Irish platform has just received its latest new merchant, the well known Viking Direct:

Viking Direct is a global company and part of Office Depot, one of the largest suppliers of office stationery in the world.

Viking Direct is a global company, established in 1960 and now present in over 16 countries worldwide.

Viking has sold a wide range of office supplies to Ireland customers since 1994, and has offices spread throughout the UK. Our Irish headquarters are in Dublin, with additional premises across the UK in London, Andover, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds and several others.

VIKING OFFER AFFILIATES A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY TO ADVERTISE TO BOTH BUSINESSES and CONSUMERS. Viking’s Business customers are displayed ex. vat prices whilst their Consumer customers are displayed inc. vat prices.

Join with us as an affiliate today to take advantage of the extremely generous benefits we offer, including a regularly updated 8,000+ product feed, access to a potentially massive traffic stream through association with our globally known brand, and a generous 5% commission of the sales value.

There is a live cookie period of 60 days, making this a program that WILL reward effort on your part. and...
Viking offer a dazzling choice of FREE offers and BOGOFs to encourage conversion of your referred traffic to customer sales
Free delivery on every order over €75 ex vat.
The huge Viking brand is easily recognised and trusted by both Business and Home customers seeking Office Supplies and consumables online.
You will receive regular information about best sellers and special offers from us.
Join with us today and be part a program that will earn you maximum reward for your promotional efforts. We look forward to working with you.

PPC Restrictions
Viking Direct PPC Restrictions – No Brand Bidding

Brand bidding on this program is prohibited and any affiliates found to be doing so will be removed from the program. Any commission made on these sales will not be paid by the merchant.

Viking Direct would like to inform its affiliates that it is restricting affiliates bidding on brand terms on all search engines. This includes any terms viking direct, viking at home, vikingdirect, viking office supplies, vikingathome, viking. Please ensure these terms are negative keywords.

Affiliates are prohibited from using Brand with Generic Terms.

Display URLs.
You cannot operate domains which contain trademarks for the sole purpose of driving traffic from Search Engines.
It is important to note that affiliates must not use the display URL of (, including any variation of the above eg,,etc.. Any affiliate using this display URL may be removed from the programme.

Affiliates may not use trademarks term as a subdomain in their URL e.g. www. viking

Affiliates must use their own website which can include trademarks in the sub folders of the display URL e.g. viking direct.

Note for Deeplinking: Affiliates who want their traffic to bypass the Viking Home/landing page and send traffic straight to either our Consumer or Business channel can do so by adding an extra tag to the end or their destination URL.
To send traffic to the business channel, add &browsemode=business to the end of their destination URL
To send traffic to the consumer channel, add &browsemode=consumer to the end of their destination URL
So, for example, irrespective of a customer's cookie settings or past browsing history, the following link would take customers to copier paper on our consumer site.. White Copier Paper - Viking Direct
If you have any questions about implementing this, please contact

The Viking IE program, apart from an array of banners, have also provided the Pagepeel link in their account

Cross network tracking
Please note that the Viking UK and Viking IRE programs are interlinked - if traffic from one site places an order on the other site, you will be automatically joined to that program and the commission will be attributed to you.

To join the Viking Ireland program, please click here.

To join the Viking UK program, please click here.


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webgains contact for Viking

Hello everyone
Now that my log in and posting problems are resolved, I can finally introduce myself!
My name is Hero (female name) and I am the Client Services Manager for Webgains UK & IRE. I look after the Viking Ireland program on our network, so if you would like further info, requests or just a chat about the program, please do give me a shout.

thanks very much
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