New Trad Music Site: Feedback and Publicity Wanted

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Hello all,

I recently launched, a database of traditional (folk) tunes from Ireland, the U.K., and elsewhere. It is based on the user-generated content model, and allows registered users to add new tunes and modify existing ones. There are several well-established sites out there with similar functionality, many of which I have used in the past, but I decided to create a new site with a number of features that I felt were important but were missing from those other sites (tune transposition, easy printing of scores, better playback features, etc.).

I'm posting about my new site for a number of reasons. First, I'd like to have some feedback on it, and I'd really appreciate some constructive criticism. Due to limited resources, I haven't been able to test the site thoroughly on a wide range of systems, so I'd like to hear how everything looks/works for you on your particular system. I designed this site to be compatible with Firefox 2+, Chrome, Safari 3+, and IE 6+. In particular, I've received a bug report from a Mac/Safari user who stated that the tune playback feature wasn't working for him and froze his browser; I want to know if other users of Safari on Mac experience the same issue. Any other comments concerning the site's appearance and functionality would be appreciated as well.

Here's a tune page that you can take a look at (to save you the trouble of browsing/searching for a tune): Si Beag Si Mor

Secondly, Since this site's content is user-created, I am really in need of users to add content. The database is very limited right now, and I need contributors to add to it. So, if anyone here operates a blog or other website whose visitors might benefit from my site, I'd really appreciate if you could mention/link to my site. (I'm not really interested in link exchanges, as I've found that they just lead to link pages cluttered with irrelevant links. I much prefer writing about sites that I feel are relevant for my visitors without expecting a link in return and hope that others will do the same with regards to my sites.) Mentioning my site on your Facebook/Twitter/etc. page would be great too if you feel that your friends/followers might be interested. If anyone has any other suggestions about how I could get publicity for my site, those would be appreciated as well. I've already done the usual: submitted a sitemap to Google and Yahoo, sent emails to a few bloggers asking them to review or at least link to my site, posted links in a couple of relevant places on the web, etc.

Thanks for reading this and for any help that you can give me!

J. Hall Webmaster
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