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Hi All

I am in the process of designing a Web Site as a demo Site for my sister. I used tables for the layout of the Web Pages for simplicity of inserting images and aligning text etc.

How do I backtrack and use CSS in order to standardize the formatting of the Web Pages for font size,background colour etc. rather than modifying each page separately.

It has been a few years since I designed a web Page so I am really a newbie.

Do I need to start from scratch



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Short answer, no you don't need to start from scratch.

Although if you want to do away with the tables and your only learning css it might be quicker to start from scratch and build it back up step by step. If you've a decent understanding of css it can be quicker to just modify the page bit by bit. How many tables you have, nesting of them and complexity etc. will probably influence whether you should start from scratch or not. And if you're not worried about changing the table layout then it will be a lot easier to just add styles to your text and colors to cell backgrounds etc. Just make sure to create a seperate css file and call it at the top of each page.


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Another good way of learning CSS is to take a look at other peoples pages. I recommend using Firefox with a plugin called Firebug installed. At the click of a button you can see how the page was designed including looking at the CSS.

You may also want to download a trial copy of Dreamweaver (Web design software, HTML editor | Adobe Dreamweaver CS5) as it does help with creating CSS for beginners. Do a search on YouTube for CSS and Dreamweaver and you will find a few video tutorials on it.
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