Newbie - What sort of hosting should I be looking for?

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Hey, I'm trying to set up a website and email hosting for someone, I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction.

They have a domain and email hosting with Cobweb. They've got a few email addresses set up, I'm just wondering if they should change to someone else, for 3 email addresses its costing over €70 a month. I think this is pure email hosting, not web hosting. Plus it's around £7 per email address per month.

It just seems a little high, I've set up a site for myself with digiweb before, they offer web hosting with 50-250 email addresses for €20-€40 per year...

Am I missing something? Could anyone recommend something else?



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I'm going to be biased on this ... I'm hosting most of my stuff with

For dedicated email exchange type stuff you'd be looking at a 10% the price of that roughly I think :eek:

Really depends on what your customers exact requirements are in regards email ... if they are comfortable with shared hosting .. or require dedicated


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Definitely can do better than that. I have 11 months cpanel hosting that I never use. PM me if you want it - will be very cheap.


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I'd advise that you get an idea of the type of site that your going to be running. Because if its a simple WordPress site, you don't wanna be spending too much or even anything at all for that matter as you can just do that on a bunch of blogging sites. I'd save your money and put it into a domain then point. However, see if you can find something in your country, preferably locally, because someone might have a decent deal for you. Or you could always tell them you'll just look on the net for a lower package and see if they drop their rate ;)
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