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Discussion in 'Websites For Sale' started by troyswood, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. troyswood

    troyswood Guest

    Hi Everyone, new to this, so excuse any errors
    I have a Google No. 1 ranked .com Irish based online shop which I am thinking of selling.
    Anyone know how to value it or anywhere there maybe buyers out there?
  2. WealthPossible

    WealthPossible New Member

    Hi Troyswood,

    How many visitors do you get to the website every month? And are you earning any revenue from the site? If so, how much?

    These factors and more will help you and others value the site. The price you decide to put on the site really comes down to how valuable the site is to you and at which point you are willing to let it go at.

    If you wish to discuss it and possibly make a deal, feel free to PM me.


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