No matter what I do to my budget I can't get my ad to appear why?

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)' started by anaconda, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. anaconda

    anaconda New Member

    I have tried ever combination in my ad setting and budget to try and get my advert to appear. I'm tearing my hair out because I just can't understand where I'm going wrong. I've used Google ad words last year to run an advert campaign and it worked perfectly for me.

    This is the actual text in my advert

    Cinematic Wedding Videos
    Church to 1st Dance only €875
    Value & Quality. Don't Compromise!
    Wedding Video Productions Ireland - Wedding Video, Wedding DVD, Wedding Videography

    All of my key words are relevant with different variations of wedding video keyword searches..... here is a list of a few...

    weddings videos
    weddings video
    wedding videos ireland
    wedding videos dublin
    wedding videos
    wedding videography
    wedding videographer
    wedding video productions
    wedding video production
    wedding video ireland
    wedding video galway
    wedding video dublin
    wedding video

    There is more but I won't bore you!

    Ok my current setting in the Bidding and budget is as follows

    Focus on clicks - use maximum CPC bids - Selected
    Automatic bidding to try to maximize clicks for your target budget - Selected
    CPC bid limit €1.00 - Selected
    with €5.00 per day limit

    Google set me an automatic bid of ......Default bid €0.12

    I have played around with the different settings here but it doesn't improve impressions. The very odd occasion I will appear in the side panel of the second page at the very bottom but most of the time my advert doesn't show at all !

    Going crazy with this ....Even when I'm throwing money at google it still doesn't like me!

    Please help
  2. link8r

    link8r New Member

    You haven't said if you're targeting the content network or search or both.

    Take off automatic bidding - its useless if you don't know how to work it. Go for Manual bidding.

    If your CPC is €1 and your budget is €5 and there are 100 searches, expect your ad to only show 1 in 10 searches or less. If the Google Ad planner thinks you're going to blow your budget, it will stop showing your ads.

    You're keywords look far too broad to me. Have you selected a geo target?
  3. anaconda

    anaconda New Member

    Hi link8r (again)

    You just replied to my other thread about SEO help. I'm trying to sort out my Google adverts until I can improve my SEO

    I'm targeting the search network only and My GEO region is Ireland. I cover wedding all over so that's why I selected all of the country.

    I'll go and knock off automatic bidding now see if that helps impressions. I can increase my daily budget, do you think this is my main issues with no impressions?

    I was under the impression that if I had a broad selection of keywords this would actually increase my chances of recieving impressions. I actually have 30 different combination's and relevant keywords. Should I cut this right back?

    Thanks again a lot of questions
  4. link8r

    link8r New Member

    Yes you should. There is a big difference between what you want and what your customers want. Getting lots of impressions - that's billboard advertising and involves getting ten calls out of 100k views. IF you have a terrible click-through-rate, you're going to have a terrible Quality Score.

    You're doing this assways! You need to focus your campaign a lot or you will just haemorrhage money away. Every person who clicks on you and doesn't buy is just wasted.

    Pick your market where you're most likely to win and send them to your page where you tell them you're local, you're near, you're good, you're cheap. If that's your Value Proposition, then targeting people who aren't looking for near, cheap, good, local then you're wasting your time !
  5. anaconda

    anaconda New Member

    When you say 'yes you should' does that realte to the knocking off automatic bidding and increasing my daily budget? Or does it realate to cutting back on search words? I was under the impression that if I have more search words (but relevant words) there was more opportunity for impressions. At the moment I have nil

    The problem here is lack of impression, its not wasted clicks. I do cover wedding all over Ireland and if I get a hit resulting from a search of 'wedding video' or very similar relating search words then I'm more than happy about that. At the moment there isn't a hope of haemorrhage money away because google simply won't place me.

    What I don't understand is why I'm receiving no impressions at all? I've used google adword before with the same methods and got plenty of hits and impressions. I can't see
  6. anaconda

    anaconda New Member

    I've just noticed that under my key words it now giving me an estimate for my default bid. I've switched on Automatic bid and I'll change the bid to the recommended amount for page 1.

    I'll report back at the end of the day and see if this produces any results!

  7. link8r

    link8r New Member

    I don't know when you setup the account but there is a little bubble beside each keyword and it tells you if its running or not and it even takes you to a lab where you can test it.

    If you're bidding on search, I would estimate that average CPC for video Ireland to be in excess of €2.50 per click - so I doubt your ad will show at €5 p.d.

    Which is why I think you're looking too broad. It's not what you want, its what people want to buy. Its not about clicks, its about conversions.

    Google isn't going to show all of your ads at €0 budget.

    Where you're probably going wrong: You probably guess that impressions don't cost and therefore if you get 1000 impressions and 0 clicks, no cost to you? Well, not entirely true. If I look at the AdWords external tool, the bid looks to be around €2.50. Google isn't about to show all of your ads 1000 times. A campaign could have a 10%- 100% Click-through-rate - so if your ad gets clicked on , your budget is spent. So Google will be very conservative.

    If you want to go broad and wide, you'll need a budget of about €50-€100 per day. I think that's a silly way to go though.
  8. anaconda

    anaconda New Member

    oooh yea that's a bit on the high side totally not worth it. Considering my options now I'm thinking about signing up with weddingonline (a wedding forum) It's pretty massive so my money might be better spent here then on google adverts.

    Since I've switched off the Automatic bidding and played around with the CPC amount I'm now at least starting to receive impressions. (thanks for the advice) We'll see how the actual click rates goes from here. At the moment I'm paying 70 cent a click with 10 euro budget per day. Let's pretend I actaully used up all of my budget per day giving me 15 clicks (will never probably happen) this would cost 70 per week. A listing with weddingsonline cost around 80 per month. I'll have to weight up the cost verse the actual clicks.
  9. link8r

    link8r New Member

    70 cpc doesn't sound too bad - but if you need to get 100 clicks to make a sale, then you will have a CPA of about €70. That's not too bad either - it's about 10%. That's quite good. A lot of online businesses re-invest 35-40% of turnover into new sales. But a Conv. Rate of 10% would mean driving the CPA down to €7 or 1% - even better.

    But to do a proper sample test, you'll need at least 100 if not 1000 visits. Calling it a day after 30 visits is too small.

    Best of luck :)
  10. anaconda

    anaconda New Member

    :) Will do thanks
  11. Ricardo33

    Ricardo33 New Member

    Best of luck.

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