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Anyone know what the hell is going on with register365 support!!!

I posted a support question on the 13th and the 14th to change the name servers on a domain and its now the 18th and still no reply.

I can't do it myself as its not listed on my domain billing list as its a charity domain.
I need this done before the end of the month as I'm closing down my gold reseller package before the renewal next month.
They have gone downhill since Namesco took them over.
I moved my hosting to Blacknight when my account with them was up for renewal, and so far so good, Blacknight support response time for me hasn't gone over 24hrs.
Called them today and got a very nice chap on the phone who was very helpful.
He set everything right on my control panel and I went in and tried to change the name servers for the domain. I then got an email back telling me I'm not the reseller for the account. I've had this client since 2003 so don't know whats going on there. They said its hosted on the servers
An update to my original problem.

Both my tickets where closed and the domain name has again disappeared from my control panel.

I still can't make a change to the name servers and its been going on now for quite some time. Its now to late to get the client issue a transfer request (it can take up to 4 weeks to get a reply from them) as the server will be closed down at the end of this month.

This is really bad on there part.


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I have had a few issues with their support too. I asked them why they closed a ticket when the issue wasnt resolved and they said the system automatically does it when they reply to a ticket.....strange system as the customer has to reopen the ticket if their response doesnt fix the issue (this is a great way to meet your SLAs).

Did you register the domain name yourself or did the charity do it? Are you trying to point the domain to a server or elsewhere? Not sure why it would take 4 weeks to transfer a domain name (but I have never transfered a .ie name)? PM me the domain name and I can see if I can think of any other solutions.

But I would recommend you go into the support area of register365 and reopen the ticket. Their online support has been pretty fast for me
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