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Discussion in 'Offline Advertising and Marketing' started by jayk, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. jayk

    jayk New Member

    Hi guys i run a small web design business have barely done much marketing other than SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media and PPC. I have printed at over 1000 flyers which was pretty pricey and was thinking of attaching a cover letter outlining my services etc and posting at least 200-300 flyers out to small businesses around Ireland. Do you think this is a good idea, because if it can get me at least 10 new clients i'd be happy with that. Or do you think i'd be better off contacting businesses and making an appointment to meet them in person?

    Please share your ideas and suggestions below

    Thanks alot!

  2. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    How are you going to identify the businesses?
  3. paul

    paul Ninja

    If you have a 1000 flyers ... you could get rid of them at a conference (don't go to a web conference and hand out flyers though). The hard part is getting people to read them.
  4. link8r

    link8r New Member

    Ummm a few things for you

    1. You've "done" e-mail marketing - if you hundreds of contacts, then don't you have a good client base or how have you done it? Actually, same goes for PPC and Social Media. On SEO - if you're ranking really well, why is the phone ringing off the hook? Or have you actually done it ?

    2. Cold calling when web companies are now the equivalent of construction companies in the boom times - probably would be difficult.

    Definitely go with Paul's idea of having a conference. This question is well trod on IWF --- you'd do well to search through the posts. I'd guess partnering with other companies could be a good approach for you.
  5. robertwalker

    robertwalker New Member

    First things first who's your target market? In the event that looking for prospective clients, you must know where they're hanging out. Obviously, easier to find them online, but an offline marketing is a different story. What I'm familiar with is that offline marketing is in the form of informative pamphlets, flyers, press release and more.
  6. jeffscott

    jeffscott Member

    Offline marketing like delivering flyers will be effective if the target location is crowded in which your target person/s are residing.

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