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I have a small company and I needed a invoice software.
I was looking for a while and checked I think almost all ONLINE invoces systems wich can make my life more easy.
The one that I have found and using it till now is the Bilomat Online Invoice Tool.
Its german made so it works perfectly. The support is quick and very good quality.

Here is the link to the Bilomat Online Invoice Tool.



I've been using FreeAgent for the past 16 months and it's great. It costs $20/month ($18/month with the affiliate link Online Accounting Software: Small Business and Freelancers - FreeAgent) . I used to do them by hand ... but now they look professional, and are easy to edit, update & send. For some more about it, I posted on one of Michele's other forums Book keeping for the self employed

I guess there are plenty of ones that work, test 2 or 3 for a few weeks, and pick the one that feels right.
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