Overriding apache error log

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I'm trying to track down an issue with a PHP 'white screen of death', which isn't generating any visible log entries.
I'm guessing it's either a permissions or memory issue.

I'm on shared hosting, with no shell access.

I've overridden the php error log in .htaccess, and confirmed with phpinfo that it's working, but getting nothing there.
There's nothing showing up in any of the Magento logs.

I do have access to a couple of logs covering the entire webspace, but not sure if they're showing everything.

Is there any way of overriding the apache error log from within .htaccess?


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You might want more verbose logging / errors in your PHP .. Not sure if you can do that via a .htaccess or not, but it might be worth looking into

Add this to your index.php file:

ini_set('display_errors', 1); 
Then refresh the page. You should now see the error message.


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Thanks guys, already had error reporting set to the max, eventually tracked it down to a line that was @suppressing the error. :livid:
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