Own gambling website. Will income?

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Want to make my own online gambling sites, attracting players. How much is a good idea, whether income? What percentage is usually earns casino? I am looking for some good sites to be their partner, what can you advise? Where conditions are better???

Thanks in advance! Still poorly guided in this, but I am looking for information. :)
Honestly, I thought it would be more advices. I tried to look for myself, learned different options. But perhaps, option Inbet Games would be best. Well, I will try to work with it.
Thank you very much!;)
Interestingly, I found this company, their website. In the field of gambling they offer many solutions, actually. What games, what sphere did you choose?
Unfortunately, this thread is too old but I would like to recommend my website for him to be connected. If someone responded kindly reply on this thread.
Not open for further replies.
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