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I've been wondering if there would be much of a performance difference (from the user POV) between a VPS and a shared server (which is what I use now).

It's not that I am going to have loads of simultaneous users, but that I want to make the site a bit more graphical with more flash photo galleries. I would like to have good performance and web pages which load or update as fast and smoothly as possible.

So, is a VPS going to that much difference, or is the main limiting factor going to be the speed of the users computer and their broadband connection ?


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With a VPS you could probably tweak a lot more settings to improve performance, but whether end users would see much benefit or not is questionable.


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I have Shared with Register365 and VPS with Blacknight and I have to say the VPS is much better. You have more control over the system and you can upload any software you like or that you need on a VPS package (Within reason).

Go VPS, you won't look back.
Thanks for those replies. The extra flexibility would be useful, but my main consideration at the moment would be any extra performance I might get.
I have almost completed moving all my clients to my VPS package and the feedback I am getting is very good. Most if not all of them have seen a big improvement in speed on there sites since moving.
Hi there, I am running a zencart site with 1300 products and about 500 uniques a day on a shared server. The site performance is poor and erratic, (shown in webmaster tools) and i would really like to greatly improve this load speed.
I have emailed and called blacknight many times asking how best to proceed and generally the answer has been: "dedicated hosting may improve performance". Now i know they can not make guarantees but i really need some straight forward advice on how to proceed. the domain is lovefurniture (dot) ie
I understand there are onsite issues also, and we are workign through some of these, but to my mind it should be simple that a dedicated server would provide a huge performace improvement over a basic shared hosting package.
I understand VPS still has some shared resources and prefered to avoid this. The work and hassle that is needed to make the change really means that i need a clear idea of performance change to go ahead with it.
All help and advice greatly appreciated.
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