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3V are currently seeking to recruit a PHP Web/UI Developer to work in their South Dublin IT team. The successful candidate will be responsible for the design and implementation of software to support their web application services, for web and mobile based applications.
Reporting to the 3V Software Development Manager, you will be part of an in-house, international development team involved in the fast paced delivery of innovative programmes in the payment card sector. These include mobile wallets, customer account portals, partner integrations and payment applications on the mobile phone.

  • PHP v.5+
  • Java Script (jQuery)
  • CSS v. 2/3
  • HTML v 4/5
  • MySQL
  • API Integration in Large Team Commercial Projects
  • LAMP solution stack
  • Optional Skills Include:
    • Phonegap/Cross-Platform Development
    • Android/iOS Development
    • Photoshop
3+ years similar experience
Degree level or equivalent, within a IT-Related Discipline
Core Responsibilities:

  • Improve the design of the website.
  • Maintenance of the site.
  • Deal with customer issues/problems.
  • Problem solving as issues arise.
  • Follow projects on a daily basis.
  • Finish the project as directed.
  • Oversee the project from conception to conclusion.
SVN (however this can be up-skilled through “on the job” training).
Any experience of SOAP and REST and ideally the Zend Framework (1 or preferably 2).
Previous work in the CARD / MOBILE PAYMENTS sector.

Core Personal Competencies:

  • Strong Communication skills
  • Ability to discuss issues/problems with project manager.
  • Team player (ability to work well with the team and communicate clearly).
  • Solutions driven personality.
  • Enthusiastic with positive attitude to problem solving

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