Please review my website

Advert test

Site for me is ok ... or just only ok

I like colours on websites - You have nice ,visible banner on front ...but rest of site looks same ....grey..grey...grey..
Nice background could give some life to site and make some important parts of site more visible
Categories are not so much visible ...
Product cart don't invite me so mutch to buy ...
product description looks like never ending story ....bla.. bla ..bla ..Same size ...same style...and too long
Do something with logo ...
A little bit of work and you can create something intersting from that template
Thats MY opinion

Good Luck
Nice but i think the content is too small and not inviting to read, i feel that you can do some improvement and good luck!!!
I think the content is too small and if I can give you some advices - if you're looking for great templates you'll find it on the Gavick website. They have very wide choice of free and premium templates, sometimes it can be very good solution.
I think that the name, while catchy, doesn't exactly go with the content. At least my understanding of an atomizer is a spray for perfume and so on.

I also think that the home page looks more like a sales page, and the content is far too dense for comfortable reading.

Finally, there are several problems with the English. It looks as if the content has been written either very carelessly or by a non-native speaker. This gives an unprofessional finish to the page.

I hope this has been helpful. :)