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Discussion in 'Webmaster Discussion' started by Spangoo, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. Spangoo

    Spangoo New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I have been asked by a client to build a poker site. I am not going to even think about writing that from scratch. I have searched the net to see if there is any software out there that could be licenced, but all I can find are desktop applications.

    Does anyone know of any web based poker software available?
  2. Briask

    Briask New Member

    Check to see if there are "white label" poker sites.

    They exist for on-line dating so maybe also offered for poker?
  3. Marc

    Marc New Member

    Maybe you could build it from several components instead of from the ground up. Essentially you'd just need a membership script with payment modules and an affiliate program then add the game section in there.

    It might be easier to find the poker script on it's own rather than a complete poker site, but you never know.

    You could always outsource the script writing then you also have a script that you could sell on at the end of it.
  4. paul

    paul Ninja

    spangoo I think you would need something like this Wager Guys : Offshore Gambling I doubt it would be cheap (I would guess you would need around $40 - 50k or so to setup, legal fees, certs , licenses, accounts and all that)
  5. LuckyRiver

    LuckyRiver New Member

    Trying to resurrect an old thread.

    There is now open source fully functional poker (texas hold'em only) software for forum. I would say it is possible though it is still under testing.

    Currently the following forum softwares are supported :

    Paid (Xenforo (v.1x, v.1.2 beta) , IPB (3.1, 3.5)
    Free: phpBB3, SMF 2.x, Discuz 2.5 International

    CMS: Modx, SocialEngine

    So, to anyone interested in seeing a working live site demo of the game, PM me since I don't want admin to remove post because it could be perceived as spam.

    The poker software is open source from Cubeia Ltd. The board service which allows authentication to the poker game using forum software authentication is developed by me.
    I plan to release it to Xenforo and IPB community early next month.

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