POP3 Email Retreival Problem

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I have encountered a problem when displaying Email retreived from POP3 enabled email accounts

I am building a PHP program that will log into a specified gmail account on the click of a button, retreive all the emails in the inbox, and display the important details on sceen i.e. date, from address, to address, subject, body etc.

I have accomplished all the above with no difficulties but have encountered a small but very annoying problem that I cannot seem to find a solution to. Some of the characters within the email are being displayed in a strange format which I believe is hexidecimal. Characters I've identified that cause problems include the following:

The £ sign appears as =A3
The equals sign appears as =3D
some spaces/newlines appear as =20
There are also a few others

To retreive the emails by POP3 I have used both the built in IMAP functions and also functions in the PEAR POP3 class. Both are causing the same errors.

If anyone knows why this is happening I'd be very pleased to hear from you as this has been holding me up for days!

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