PPC basics - how to get started

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  • PPC allows marketers to purchase paid links that show up beside text ads on search engines and other targeted websites.
Results are guaranteed and measurable in terms of increased website traffic, lower acquisition costs, and improved return on investment.

Google adwords is the best PPC company because they have the largest database of websites to advertise on and control the search results for 70% of the market.

However PPC involves considerable research, analysis and testing to really see the benefits from PPC campaigns.

Most companies waste tons of money targeting irrelevent keywords with too much competition. Also it's amazing what simple a/b testing can do with diferent keyword combinations
Before even thinking of a PPC campaign, the competitor analysis and keyword research is essential. Unfortunately, some still think the first step is to launch into the adwords campaign before doing the research.


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Ye I'm with Katrina on this one. I'd even start by
a bunch on negative keywords together. You'd be surprised how many there are..
Last year working with people at results driven marketing, never really liked their name but they did a great job on our PPC and got the job done the boss was happy, blahblahblah but i would suggest you send Simon an email at simon.b@resultsdriven.org and tell him Ron Martin referred you. Not sure if Simon is still there but they seemed like a pretty standup company in this space.
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