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If anyone knows of a PPC expert who is interested in taking on freelance jobs can you get in touch through the PMB? Can be based anywhere in Ireland but ideal would be South West.

Jobs involve
* Campaign planning & set up
* Big strategy & ongoing optimisation
* Reporting

many thanks


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Could consider

Hi Kerryman,
I am Google Adwords Qualified and look after a couple of campaigns where i work currently.
I have been considering going Freelance but am a bit nervous as I've never done it before and currently have the bills piling up while the significant other is out of work.

We are originally from Australia so still getting set up over here. Just wondering how much work needs to be taken care of. IE: Could it be done on a casual basis and how indepth the reporting would need to be?

I guess its all relative really, but feel free to PM me with any further details you could provide.

Or see my blog which is a shambles for now Gavin Doolan


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Never heard back.

Hi Guys,
I never ended up hearing back from you regarding this.

Just wondering if there is anyone else out there looking for someone to cast an eye on their PPC campaigns?

My blog redesign is almost complete (been dragging out for a bit), however once that's done I'm hoping to ramp things up.

Looking for casual PPC work if there is any?
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