PPC is dead. Blimp ads are where it's at

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)' started by MOH, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. MOH

    MOH New Member

  2. CelticJim

    CelticJim New Member

    thats pretty damn cool actually--wonder what the charges will be like--sky high I imagine *groan*
  3. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    I hadn't seen that one :)
  4. pfurey101

    pfurey101 New Member

    OK own up! Who clicked on the Sign Up button!
  5. Tom

    Tom New Member

  6. pfurey101

    pfurey101 New Member

    I believe it's also prone to the Hindenburg crash.
  7. SupNY

    SupNY New Member

    Already got one booked over a bull fighting ring in northern Spain, advertising vegan goats cheese.
  8. HubberZero

    HubberZero New Member

    Hahah this is a joke right? Wish it was true!
  9. SEO

    SEO New Member

    Haha Saw these before. Thought they were already in Ireland by now, but cost is a serious issue. Need a bluechip budget for this one :) no €50 per day here campaigns here haha
  10. dota2hook

    dota2hook New Member

    for real man :D genius, tho i think it will get real at europe late 2012
  11. Karina

    Karina New Member

    that is so cool, absolutly great idea and would be so effective, dont know though if it could be a sustainable method or just a fad
  12. lukasgawelek

    lukasgawelek New Member

    GBlipms is just an advertisement for Google. PPC is not dead, PPC has just born and this is he future ;)
  13. promoters4

    promoters4 New Member

    I am totally agree with you that PPC is really dead. I have tested almost all major ppc networks including advertising.com and advertise.com but I am clearly telling you that all ppc networks sending Junk non convert able traffic.

    List of major traffic sources I have used personally with horrible experience.

    jemamedia.com (HORRIBLE Experience)

    Never get even 10% real visitors from the above companies. Even I am looking for something new and real.

    I hope blimp ads something different than the above craps.

    Please do let me know if you know any good and reliable ppc network.

    Thanks in advanced

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