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Anyone interested in a PR 5 site?
PM me..
The domain name would be suitable for a seo directory of developers or resources.
I just don't have time, I've a couple of new projects on the go.



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Please PM me price, URL, age and all traffic details and whatever else you think is appropriate.



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You might as well do the same with me - if I don't want it I know people who probably do


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Hi ok then,
Here's the details, the site is - like I said it's PR 5 and has been for over a year.
2 years old and gets over 120 visitors per day.

I'll include the new full version of LinksPro Codefixer LinksPro - Directory and Link management software that'll be released very soon and has a site mode switch for free/reciprocal/recurring subscriptions. It'll also support premium (front page placement) or standard payment - if the recurring subscriptions is activated. Supports GoogleAdsense and PayPal / NoChex but will be built to scale with any payment system.

An idea might be to run a free directory of SEO developers from all corners of the globe with premium payment for those showcased in the top category (front page) or just go with the idea I had, unfortunately I ran out of steam.

Well that's it.

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