Problem finding root of website

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Hi, can anyone help me. I have a website for I want to actually take off this website and upload a new one. I cant seem to find the root of this web. when i go in through smartftp or filezilla it is not there. Any advice would be great because I am at a loss. Thanks
Hi louie and thanks. this is my problem, this website was kinda sponsored to our club. we pay for hosting but we have no back up from designers and I cant figure it out at all. I am not trained in web design or anything but I am doing another website and it was all straight forward using the ftp address, username and password. this one just has me baffled. Administrative Area takes me to admin log in and then i work using a ftpeditor. I want to completely change the website and have a new one almost ready using Expression Web 3, just cant figure out how to get it up.
louie is an absolute star, 2 minutes of his time sorted something I was trying to do for past 12 months but not being an expert I though I was wrong. Thank you so very very much.