Problems with site after moving host.

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I dont know if this is the right place to post this, if its not, I apologise, please move it to the correct section, thanks.

I moved my site to a new host. Kept the domain in the old, changed the dns settings to the new host.
Now when I click on the sites name, I get the following

This page contains the following errors:
error on line 25 at column 8: Opening and ending tag mismatch: meta line 0 and head
Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

name of site
Any one know what this means, or what I have to change to get the site back on line.

Hi it means exactly what it says on the tin...something has gone askew somewhere and your xml isn't valid....can you post a link to the page and I can point it out exactly...


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Hi Php,
the main domain is On my old hosting it was pointed to a sub domain Why I mention this, is that even thought it is suppose to be transferred, it still mentions after it says, Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

even thought I took the redirect off before I transferred it. In the new host I have it pointed to a sub domain

I belive the problem lies with the first css file you are including, although I can't be sure... until you try this out...

If you notice in the source code of you page mentioned above, you are loading in this css script:


Because your domain is set to "" the actual file that is included is:

Trying to call that link in a browser, results in a 404 page not found, instead a custom 404 page is in use which includes all sorts of xhtml. Click the link above and see for yourself.

As a result, I believe that the fact you are mixing html5 with xhtml transitional, that this is where the problem lies.

In short, point to the proper css file, save and re-upload, then tell me where you're at.


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Php, thanks for help, I am using that theme, but if I go into the file manager and delete the theme, would that solve the problem. I can re install it once I get into the admin area?

The problem is that you need to point to the actual css file that you want to use.

You need to either:

Change your source code to point to the the proper location of the css file I mentioned above


Upload the css file to the exaact location mentioned above.

I am not telling you to delete themes or anything like that, I don't even know what CMS you are using!


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The cms is wordpress. Php really thanks for the help. I know a little of php, the word being little.Which is the easiest method, of the two options above, and I will look up how to do it tomorrow. I need this site back on line asap, as, eventually, the visitor numbers were getting, higher. I am even thinking of changing it back to the original host, but they have giving me warnings of visitor numbers being high and threatened to ban me. I have about 10 clients websites on the same hosting, so could not chance it. My other hosting account, which I have moved it to, has plenty of room, but I need the site back on line.
Could I change the dns back to the first hosting, change what ever I need to change for the second hosting, and then change it again? (If I explained it right)
Thanks again, for any help


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UpDate. I changed some details in the Index.xhtml and now the page is showing, but not correct. There is no sign of the theme and the category links are not working.

It looks as though you are not loading the appropriate css file for the theme.

Check your theme folder, /wp-content/themes/[THEME_NAME]/

Do you see a file called style.css? this is generally where the wordpress theme styles are located.

Your header.php file in your theme folder should then call this css file.

I've also noticed that while the sub-domain you are using is ireland . salesd .com your source code references try changing your site url setting in wordpress to ireland . salesd .com
Just wondering Php, should I do what the third post says here I dont like giving up, but the links on the home page are not even working, so if I get the theme working I still have a problem. The link to the login is also not working. I am even thinking to the point of downloading a fresh script of wp and copy all the posts from phpmyadmin and setting it up again. Your views on the post would be great, and thanks again for the help.

I have explained what you need to do.

Change your wordpress site url to be http:// ireland . salesd . com instead of http:// ie . salesd . com


Click here:

Then click here:

See the difference?

I suggest that you make the changes in MySQL, and if you're looking for a script to replace all the old domain with the new in the database, try this mysql find and replace script from my blog.
The domain is Ireland.salesd (in the new host, but was ie.salesd, in the old host) but the database is ie.salesd,in the new host, so i will try and rename the database. I will read about replacing the old domain in your blog and try it tomorrow.

Thanks a million.
I cant edit the post above.
I can not change the name of the database, and would you mind telling me where, exactly, do I put the code that I got from your blog, thanks.

Sorry, I only come on here to provide tips and advise when I have some spare time. Anything after that, I'd have to start charging an hourly rate!

The script I provided goes into whatever sql management tool you use. That could be PhpMyAdmin or MySQL Workbench or whatever.
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