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Hi all,

I just joined up here to see if anyone else has bad expieriences from register365?

I run community based forums for the last 10 years, recently i upgraded to the new vbulletin 5, over the last few months the site has become quite slow, some days it takes ages to load and times out, members are not happy as the site has become very un-user friendly.

I contacted support to see why this was so slow and i was basicly told to downgrade to mysql4 as the mysql 5 sever is slow,

I think this is attrocious that they expect me to downgrade to old mysql4 and have to downgrade my vbulletin to a old version and put my community in security vulernabilitities.

What should I do here? would I have a valid lawsuit case,

like to get some advice from you guys.



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I think that this type of issue has been discussed a few times and if you search IWF (I often search it from Google, for example "hosting support site:www." you get the idea)

I don't think you have a valid lawsuit because I don't know where the vendor supplied and broke a contract and what or how you'd prove damages, other than a refund (partial) of your hosting monies. I'm sure you were told 2 things 1. Downgrade to the other server [because] there are less users or, most likely in the first case 2. move to your own server.

It is actually a valid response. It probably isn't the preferred response. No doubt you'd like to be bubble wrapped and have an award winning customer experience where they say they'll install a new MySQL server 5.0 for you for free. Ok, I know that you didn't intend to say that or imply it but i'm exaggerating it as it's easier to see the issues when they're not so tangled.

the problem with shared hosting is that it's shared. and they cannot throttle other users and installing more equipment means more cost for essentially the same money. And there comes a point where that's no longer feasible.

The issue with unhappy users/speed is actually your issue, even though you're trying to directly infer it on your hosting provider. Blacknight give very good examples of what type of site is best suited to each platform, and while I think you could get away with a little bit more than they suggest on their hosting, I think their opinion is much more valid. Fine, if you want to try, then go for it. It's a free world. There are no hosting police officers that restrict you.

Shared hosting doesn't guarantee resources like database access bandwidth. It gives you concrete ideas on size and upload usage.

If you want to host a site that requires greater resources, then you're going to have to pay for it. If its a non-commercial community, then you're going to have to look at sponsorship, advertising or moving to a free platform where someone else is paying for it. If its something that you intend to commericialise in later, then you have to make a commitment and invest in your company up front. That's what business people do.

And that's what has created the Free Web. Freemium, in part, has meant that companies have moved to platforms on the public notion that its better but really because its free.

That said, I do sympathise with your situation. i'm sure that with a bit more insight into your site we could offer more proactive and constructive advice.


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Two things:
1 - I'd agree with pretty much everything link8r said
2 - there's nothing obliging you to remain with your current provider. You can easily switch to someone else

Legally on what grounds do you think you'd have a case? I honestly can't see it - sorry


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You are on shared hosting rather than dedicated hosting? Downgrading from MySQL 5 to 4 is a strange solution unless they've different boxes serving for each version. Running any site that requires serious db resources on shared hosting is not a good thing.



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You are on shared hosting rather than dedicated hosting? Downgrading from MySQL 5 to 4 is a strange solution unless they've different boxes serving for each version.
Not really. We do it DB servers are just a service associated with your hosting package. No reason you can't have both as the DB servers are independent of everything else
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