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Discussion in 'Hosting' started by andywozhere, May 26, 2011.


How do you usually deal with clients hosting needs?

  1. They arrange hosting themselves with no input from me

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  2. They are responsible for hosting but I give them a helping hand

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  3. I resell hosting

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  4. Other

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  1. andywozhere

    andywozhere Member

    I was wondering if someone might be able to give me an idea of how reselling hosting works? I'm kind of thinking reselling might make sense for me, but I don't really want the responsibility of having to look after other people's hosting ad infinitum.
  2. andywozhere

    andywozhere Member

    I've just created a poll entitled "how do you usually deal with your clients hosting needs?"... but considering I know **** all about hosting I've probably left some of the most important options out.

    I see I have also accidentally entitled this thread "reselling hosing"... nuts.
  3. achieve

    achieve New Member

    Another option for your poll should be that of Dedicated Server and propbably VPS. For example, most of my clients are hosted on my own Dedicated Server.
  4. ghost

    ghost New Member

    I think the point of it is you have your own hosting company and take on the responsibility of support for your clients, of course you wont make money just hosting a clients website you will need to offer a little more.
  5. painofdeath

    painofdeath New Member

    There are many companies which offers RESELLER ACCOUNT. This enables you to create accounts for your customers. Of course there is an issue of technical support. However, in practice, you just forward emails to your hosting company. Quite good if for example you are creating websites and want to provide hosting service together with it. But if you are thinking of making a living by reselling I'd count on it due to huge competition.
  6. link8r

    link8r New Member

    Just noticed this thread Andy. I used to have a fairly large Reseller hosting business, which I sold just last year. At one point we had over 250 accounts and charged from €200 to €2000 per annum, as it included a lot of support and management. We did everything from e-mail setup, SMTP service, database admin, security, content management, domain registration, site upload. Mostly because it was attached to a website company turning out up to 80 sites a year. It made sense at the time, kept us in touch with the clients and added to the bottom line. But unless you've a very good platform, then it's a nightmare!

    At the time we were using a reseller account that gave us a H*Sphere master control panel originally setup with Hostin365. We had two - Linux and Windows. We could define packages (e.g. Starter, professional) and then setup pricing for additional services (databases etc). So we could create individual accounts for each of our clients with separate logins and FTP etc. Only cost about €400 per month (I set it up in 2003) and it was split across multiple shared servers and MySQL servers. Worked really well (until the company was sold, H365 I mean).

    It was a good model and it worked. I nearly had a second go at it with a company I co-founded in 2010 but one of the directors unfortunately gutted and stripped it behind our back. Ah well. Drawing board etc.
  7. painofdeath

    painofdeath New Member

    2000eu for hosting? omg! i am waiting for their offer: Site World Hosting.... I've contacted them and should go live this month, but if you ask question, they will create account. I didn't ask about reseller account. But as you can see for a hosting 100eu is more than a lot and apparently possible to do. I have the mini plan there and noticed uptime of 100% for last month, but just month ago...
  8. andywozhere

    andywozhere Member

    Thanks for all the replies. Decided reselling wasn't for me.
  9. link8r

    link8r New Member

    Just realised that it was "Reselling Hosing". I've never tried that - could be fun
  10. painofdeath

    painofdeath New Member

    True :D
  11. andywozhere

    andywozhere Member

    I decided against reselling hosing too.
  12. link8r

    link8r New Member

    Just not a positive day Andy? What about starting a really cool social networking platform where people can like you or add you to one with "Circles" and "hangouts" and stuff?
  13. andywozhere

    andywozhere Member

    I'm working on developing a search engine based on smell. It's going to be a big hit I think.
  14. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    Ok you really must think we're really dumb or something.
    First you come on here and try spamming links to your "seo directory" all over the place
    Now you're pimping a hosting site, but pretending it's someone else behind it ..
    And both domains are registered to you ..

    Can you give me one good reason why I shouldn't ban you permanently and delete all your posts??

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